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Benton/Church project | 40 fl | Proposed
(04-02-2024, 10:21 PM)nms Wrote:
(04-02-2024, 12:13 PM)ac3r Wrote: It's hard to tell if this would ever get built, though. I think a lot of people on this forum have misunderstood a lot of the Growing Together stuff, especially that big document that showed all these massive projects. It's why I didn't go make threads for all these. A lot of these are unlikely to get built. Developers love to brainstorm ideas and draft up plans for the future...

Does WRC have a thread (or even a sub-forum) for projects that were dramatic but never went anywhere? It would be interesting, from a historical perspective, to see what might have been.  Among other things, I'm thinking of the various plans to replace Wateloo Town(e) Square, the Kitchener Pedestrian Mall, and whatever plans there were for Cambridge before (or after) the flood control system was put in place.

No, I don't believe so but it's a good idea. Or perhaps even just having a mod edit threads for projects we eithe know are cancelled or at the very least obviously not going anywhere. Having a thread get switched to say "Cancelled" or "Stalled" might be an idea. Or yeah a sub forum for projects we know are 100% now cancelled would work. At least that way we have records available of all of this.

I like it!
The site plan application was submitted for this project on June 5th, due to Growing Together it no longer needs a ZBA/OPA so this should get approval relatively easy.
Yeah this one will go through no problem. It's a standard fare project in all regards - a forgettable cookie cutter GTA-style condo development - but at least it's better use of this property than a parking lot + dentist.
I assume that this will be another investment condo rather than rental apartments?
(03-27-2024, 09:32 PM)ZEBuilder Wrote: This is one of the projects that was buried in the Growing Together documents. The proposal in its current form is 40 floors (125.15m to the roof, 131.15 to the top of the mechanical penthouse). The current proposal contains 5352sqft of commercial space fronting Benton, Parking access is off of Church which will service 243 parking spaces, all of which will be in 3 levels of underground parking. There are also 264 Bicycle spaces provided on site, 254 of which are Class A. These bike spaces are directly connected to the outside with a set of stairs/ramps.

There is 14,157sqft of outdoor amenity space provided on site, this is split between rooftop amenity space as well as an outdoor amenity area behind the existing church. There is also 11,226sqft of indoor amenity space provided on site. Storage lockers are also provided on site on P3, P2, P1, 2, 3, and 4.

In terms of units, there is 6 2brdm townhomes, 36 1brdm units, 372 1brdm+den units, 76 2brdm units, and 15 3bdrm units. For a total of 505 units. There is 4 elevators serving the 499 units in the tower, with a 5th elevator dedicated to parking running from P3 to the level 1 mezzanine.

Can you please link the documents?
Galatians 4:16
This one has now formally been marked as On Hold.

(06-27-2024, 05:48 PM)ac3r Wrote: This one has now formally been marked as On Hold.

Just three weeks after the site plan application was submitted?
(06-27-2024, 05:48 PM)ac3r Wrote: This one has now formally been marked as On Hold.

As of today, the city's site plan spreadsheet still shows it as "under review".
Yeah I think it was an issue with the application which required the developer to resubmit it.
(07-09-2024, 03:47 PM)ac3r Wrote: Yeah I think it was an issue with the application which required the developer to resubmit it.

OK, I see that now--the older version of the spreadsheet showed "ON HOLD" in the description, but that's now removed, and it's back under review.
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