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General Urban Cambridge Updates and Rumours
Ya I've been meaning to stop by and snap a picture of that since I'm driving down that way again, I was surprised that they built it pretty quick over the winter. It looks like it might be a wood building?

The charming Linden Crossing on Eagle has topped out. Some of the "stone" cladding had been applied to the ground floor; no chance to get a photo, unfortunately.

The two-storey townhouse block at the southeast corner of King and Montrose has a "For Sale - Development Property" sign on it. It's been there for a while, so I'm not holding my breath. Same with the three-storey building at the southwest corner of George Street South and Blair Road, last time I checked (haven't been there for a while).

Back in Preston, a large swathe of trees has been cut down next to Shantz Hill to make way for the intersection redo. That woodlot looked a lot deeper with the trees there.
All in all, I think this ended up being a pretty good development. If anything, at least it removed the street-facing retaining wall!

[Image: LC5flneh.jpg]
Indeed, it is quite a nice development, but it further makes me question whether there is enough clearance to fit a light rail line and grade separation.
The tracks are due to be closer to the river in this stretch, not in the street. I expect the building across the street will have to come down to accommodate the station though.
I have some news, but unfortunately cannot confirm it's validity; Google is building an office in Galt! It's going in the old building attached to The Patch. A friend of mine lives in the lofts on that lot, and asked a construction worker what they'd been working on there the past few months, his response being "a new office for Google".

That's all I know at the moment.
That will qualify as our surprising post of the week.
I would've doubted it, but I noticed recently that Google has updated all of the signage on the Tannery to their new logo, so I guess they're interested in maintaining multiple offices rather than consolidating into Breithaupt. So I guess building a 3rd office doesn't seem TOO far fetched. A strange location, to be sure, but could spur some interesting developments in Galt if true...
And the west bank could use all the help it can get. Southworks and the theatre are more the kind of place you drive to and then leave.
Speaking of Southworks... more news from Cambridge. This time, something that is all but officially announced (not that I doubt the Google news... I just don't have any actual hard evidence to show!).

Southworks has been bought out by a developer - I'm not sure who. The mall and antique shop*** will be shutting down as of next October. The space will be renovated into lofts.

This could make for an interesting development, considering it's proximity to the supposed new Google offices. I doubt it'll be anything more than what was done at The Grand Lofts though. Shame, because flipping the already commercial space to face outwards to the streets, then building up from the courtyard could make for a WONDERFUL development!

***Edit: Apparently I was wrong regarding the antique shop and at least one of the shops in the mall. That being said, I do trust the source of the information, so there may be a more specific portion of the building that will be renovated?
Dam that really sucks, we sell a lot of our furniture and signs at Next Time Around and they just added to they're rather large footprint last month
While I'm pleased to see residential come into the area, the loss of the retail space will be a heavy blow. Less reason to frequent that side of the river for non-residents other than the theater.
My Twitter: @KevinLMaps
Any word on where tenants will be relocating? That's going to suck.
It's been announced!


Conestoga College being involved, good. HIP Developments, the folks dragging their feet on the American Standard redevelopment in Hespeler being involved, not so good.
HIP is also the new owner of the Harmony Lunch property. They must have some pretty deep pockets, but frankly they haven't really proved themselves yet.
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