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General Urban Cambridge Updates and Rumours
I like that. It seems respectful of its surroundings.

Anybody know what's going into 205 Eagle St N? Across from Cambridge Surplus / the condos. Drove past there for the first time in a while today, the entire lot is completely dug up to the concrete retaining wall at William St. Looks like they'd have had to demolish at least 3 houses to dig up what they have. Is it another boring low rise, or something taller and more ambitious? Would be a great view of the river and Riverside Park.
Last I heard was five-storey residential (see previous page). Might not have a decent view now, but if the surplus building has to be taken out to fit Phase 2 of light rail in, it's going to have a much better one.

Can't remember if it's going to be rental or condo; some decent purpose-built rentals would be an asset to the region; a lot of the rental stock around here isn't aging well.
Housing planned for former Cambridge junk yard

"CAMBRIDGE — Piles of junked cars are gone, but the cleanup may take the rest of the year at the former Nieson Auto Wreckers.

Norrich West Homes has purchased the 2.8-hectare site straddling Munch Avenue, between Sekura Street and Kovac Road. The deal closed in October, with plans to build townhouses on the site, said Jim Dodd, land acquisitions director at Norrich West.

"Who wouldn't want to see a junk yard cleaned up? There's a lot of risk with that," Dodd said. "We had to be very careful about what we were getting into."

The junk yard was there before city development rules determined it should be used for single-family homes — like most of the houses surrounding it.

Norrich West is thinking about building about 170 townhouses on the site. That's a rough estimate, based on the size of the property and land needed for streets and storm water management, Dodd said.

A final number will be part of a rezoning application and site plan application expected to be submitted to the city in about a month. The public will have a chance to comment on the plans at public meetings later in the year.

Norrich West sent a letter to surrounding residents before the cleanup started, Dodd said......"
How bizarre is that? Suburbia gradually enclosed a wrecking yard. Yikes.

My Twitter: @KevinLMaps
Off-topic, but I can't believe Google STILL doesn't have aerial photos of Can-Amera finished between Conestoga and Hespeler Road. I'm sure the Region has sent a plane up at some point.
The region has photos as recent as 2014 (and is due to take more this year, given their apparent 2 year updating frequency) , but Google hasn't updated in over 8 years. The 401 / Homer Watson interchange is still outdated, and Sportsworld even still shows up! There's a thread in the off topic sub forum all about it.
I think the region should also have access to imagery from the 2015 SWOOP (southwestern ontario orthophotography project):
Everyone move to the back of the bus and we all get home faster.
(03-18-2016, 05:35 PM)gomesjustin Wrote: Norrich West Homes has purchased the 2.8-hectare site straddling Munch Avenue, between Sekura Street and Kovac Road. The deal closed in October, with plans to build townhouses on the site, said Jim Dodd, land acquisitions director at Norrich West.

Norrich West Homes is a subsidiary of Reid's Heritage Homes. Reid's Heritage hasn't built under the Norrich West Homes name in over a decade.

I wonder why don't want to use the parent company name in the press?
The new apartment building on Eagle Street at William Street is up to the second floor. If memory serves it's going to go up to five.
The Facebook page for the aforementioned development on Eagle: "Linden Crossing". Looks...charming.
[Image: 12768270_1690495407865205_6398896253811921222_o.jpg]

Iiiiiiii'm not sure what's happening in this render? Is that supposed to be Eagle in the front? Are they tearing down the retaining wall? If not, this is a gross misrepresentation of the property.
Looks like they may be taking it out. This is what it looks like right now.
[Image: IMG_20160326_1324396.jpg]
In potentially less ugly Cambridge news... http://www.therecord.com/news-story/4449...7309687413
(11-27-2015, 12:59 PM)clasher Wrote: I was driving on Myers Rd. and noticed there is a large lot with a plywood fence, near the Christian school, does anyone know what's going on with that site? Seems unusual to have a plywood fence.

May 17:

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