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General Urban Cambridge Updates and Rumours
The Arthur White Building on Main Street in Galt, formerly the Cambridge courthouse, has had its 60s/70s concrete facade removed as part of a renovation. It appears the building is being converted to mixed use.

A low-rise apartment/condo is going up on Water Street next to the old Carnegie Library - three, maybe four stories on a small footprint. A 50s/60s vintage apartment building at Blair Road and George Street North is also being advertised as potential redevelopment site, while the construction site on George Street near St Andrews (north of the Drayton theatre) seems to be in limbo.

Pretty big news related to the above post about the Arthur White Building. It's now going to be the corporate headquarters for World Gym.

Quote:Old courthouse getting pumped up

Their $1.5-million dollar renovation of the structure will bring a new World Gym location to the second floor as the building's top-flight tenant. As many as eight other tenants could locate in retail space along the first floor.

A World Gym corporate Canadian headquarters, with about a dozen employees, will face out back toward Lutz Street and a 300-space city parking lot.
Two updates: first is a new five-storey development at the southwest corner of Eagle and William Streets. The trees have been cleared and the house or two on the hill will be next to come down before construction.

Next is a delay to the streetscaping in Preston between Eagle and Bishop is being delayed due to the other construction around Preston - including a full closure of the Fountain Street bridge near Blair Road for two years for reconstruction.


[Is anybody actually reading this thread?]
Cambridge doesn't get enough attention in WRC. Even the hospital expansion has only earned occasional comment.
(11-22-2015, 05:24 PM)DHLawrence Wrote: [Is anybody actually reading this thread?]

[I am.]
I don't understand the delay. Who would be going through Preston, but slowed down by construction on King, and instead choose to go down Fountain to Homer Watson? Where would they possibly be going?

IMO, the King St construction should take precedence over Fountain St. The bridge replacing / bike lanes / left turn lanes is mostly future proofing, while King St could be upgraded right now.
Looks like there's a lot more than just the Fountain Street bridge. It's also closed in 2016 between King and the 401 (not sure which direction that's in). Preston will not be a place to take a car to for the next few years.
IIRC, the work is:

-Replacing the Fountain St bridge
-Adding left turn lanes on Fountain for Limerick and Preston Parkway
-Segregated bike lanes along Fountain, from Blair Rd to Preston Pkwy (with a possibility of crossing the Speed River into Preston, I think it was?)
-Continuation of the sidewalk from closer to Shantz Hill out to Preston Pkway

-Reworking the Shantz Hill / Fountain intersection completely
-Reworking the S Bend never Dover Flour
-Adding another EB lane on Fountain from Shantz to King
-Adding dedicated right turn segment from King onto Fountain
-Bike lanes up Fountain from King - the 401 overpass

In any case, the King St work was supposed to be 2017/18, I had thought. Didn't seem like much interference.
Good luck squeezing bike lanes onto Fountain; it's barely wide enough for cars as it is.

Not sure why they need to 'add' a left turn lane at Preston Parkway; there's already one there.
Sorry, I misspoke with the one at Preston Parkway, forgot there was one there. But the bike lanes they're adding are segregated (a la Blair Road). They're expanding the ROW.
Looks like the folks on the river side of the street are losing some front yard. I wonder how this will affect the construction company in the old Gmelins space; they don't have much frontage as it is.
(11-24-2015, 07:02 PM)DHLawrence Wrote: Looks like the folks on the river side of the street are losing some front yard. I wonder how this will affect the construction company in the old Gmelins space; they don't have much frontage as it is.

Isn't the plan to take the space they need from the other side of the road, i.e. at the bottom of the hill?
The old Gmelin space already has sidewalk running across, so it shouldn't affect them at all.

It seems I was right after all about the left turn lane at Preston Pkwy — it's currently a through lane, but with a short passing lane next to it.

Here's the full scope if anyone's interested https://icreate3.esolutionsgroup.ca/2306...Report.pdf
I was driving on Myers Rd. and noticed there is a large lot with a plywood fence, near the Christian school, does anyone know what's going on with that site? Seems unusual to have a plywood fence.
Not the best photo source, but this is the building going up on Water Street in Galt next to the Carnegie Library. [edit: You'll need to be logged in to Facebook to see it; sorry!]

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