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Phillip Square | ?m | 21 fl | U/C
(01-08-2016, 02:46 PM)insider Wrote: Seriously? Another bubble tea shop for the collection...
Right? What this needs is a Tim Hortons or a Shawarma joint, or better yet - let's just convert it to living space and eschew any ground floor retail, no matter how predictable it is.

Right. If there are lots of customers for bubble tea, I see nothing wrong with another shop selling it.
(09-05-2015, 08:07 AM)Spokes Wrote: Have they started the next tower?

Now they have, the crane went up a few days ago. They also poured the foundation for the crane for the third building, but left only a truncated portion of that crane up.
I think a significant portion of the foundation for building 2 is well underway.
Do we know, is the next one identical to the first?
Judging from the renderings, the 4 buildings look close to identical. From the looks of the construction so far, they seem to be sticking pretty close to the original site plan.

Balzac's coming soon to Blair House...

The second tower is now up to 16 floors, moving along at a pretty quick pace.
Were they putting up or taking down a crane today?
Drove by today for a look see. The first building, named Blair House, fronts close to Phillip Street and looks pretty complete.

Balzac's looked to be open. I hope they are successful, I like what they do.

The second tower looked pretty complete from the outside, but I could not tell if it is occupied yet or not. It sits well back from the street, behind Blair House.

There is a tower crane setup on the site, just south of the second tower. Presumably this is for the third tower.

Marketing signage is using the "Rez-One" name.
First building has been complete for a while, Balzac's and Ken Sushi have been open for about a year now. The building behind is also complete and has had people living in it since at least September I believe.
The overall project is indeed 'Rez-One', and that's the website address, too - http://www.rez-one.ca/.

The individual buildings are Blair House, Bridgeport House, Fergus House, and Preston House.
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(12-29-2017, 11:35 AM)KevinL Wrote: The overall project is indeed 'Rez-One', and that's the website address, too - http://www.rez-one.ca/.

The individual buildings are Blair House, Bridgeport House, Fergus House, and Preston House.

The project is Phillip Square. Rez-One is the company.

Blair House and Fergus House are at Phillip Square. I don't know if the other two buildings have names yet.

Bridgeport House is on Regina Street.

Preston House is on King Street.
Given that ICON got cold feet in regards to their ICON 145....I wonder if Phillip Square will have the other 2 towers built?
I am pretty sure that the third of four towers is under construction.

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