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Phillip Square | 21 fl | U/C
Phillip Square
256 Phillip st, Waterloo, ON
Developer: JD Development
2 20 story and 2 21 story apartments?

[Image: perspective_1-545_316_0.jpg]

[Image: render.png]


[Image: before.png]

[Image: before2.png]

October 1, 2013

[Image: October120131.jpg]

[Image: October120132.jpg]

Feb 6, 2014

[Image: Feb620141.jpg]

[Image: Feb620142.jpg]

[Image: Feb620143.jpg]

May 18, 2014

[Image: May1820141.png]

[Image: May1820142.png]

[Image: May1820143.png]

[Image: May1820144.png]

[Image: May1820145.png]

[Image: May1820146.png]

[Image: May1820147.png]

[Image: May1820148.png]

August 25, 2014

[Image: August2520141.png]

[Image: August2520142.png]

[Image: August2520143.png]
Waterloo, developers working things out on Northdale appeals
April 26, 2013 | Paige Desmond | The Record | LINK

Quote:WATERLOO — The City of Waterloo is hoping it can settle appeals of its plan for the Northdale neighbourhood without a long battle at the Ontario Municipal Board.

At a pre-hearing Friday at city hall, developers and city officials met before the board to sort out three appeals.

The provincial board is charged with deciding planning disputes.

Consultants representing the developers and city representatives seemed willing to settle the matters through negotiation. Telephone conferences have been set up for May and June to report back to the board on the results of the talks.

“I’m very hopeful we’re going to get it resolved,” said Patrick Kraemer of White, Duncan, Linton, who is representing the city.

He said he does not anticipate the appeals will be dragged out before the board.

In June 2012, councillors approved the Northdale land-use and community improvement plan study. The plan aims to revamp the neighbourhood of mostly single-family homes and student rentals to multi-residential, mixed-use developments with green space and high-quality urban design.

The city will use a combination of zoning changes, urban design and, if politicians choose, up to $11 million in public money to make things happen.

Six appeals were filed with the municipal board in July. Three challenges have been dropped. An additional appeal may be added in coming weeks if it can’t be settled.

Developers are trying to ensure their interests in individual properties and projects aren’t affected by the city’s plan.

Chris Pidgeon, of GSP Group, represented a numbered company which owns five properties in a block on Hickory Street, Spruce Street and King Street North.

“We’re hopeful that ultimately we’ll be able to come back to the board with a settlement,” Pidgeon said.

Eric Davis of Miller Thompson represented JD Development Group for a property at 256 Phillip St. The company has plans for a four-tower apartment development.

“We’ve had discussions with the City of Waterloo in an attempt to resolve this matter,” he said. “We feel we’re very close to a resolution.”

His client is also appealing the City of Waterloo’s official plan because it contains the Northdale provisions. The Northdale plan was years in the making.

It was borne with a resolution from city council in 2010 and subsequent studies. It affects a large area bounded by Columbia Street to University Avenue and Phillip Street to King Street North.

It can’t go into effect until all the appeals are settled. Kraemer said officials want to move things along.

“The city’s interest is in putting in place this plan,” he said.

Lajendra Singh owns two properties on Lester Street and is also working with the city to sort out a property frontage issue.

He said his plans would fall a few feet short of the minimum the Northdale plan dictates. He wants, “the opportunity to develop the property to its full potential,” Singh said.

Northdale has been a challenge for Waterloo, plagued by a bad reputation as a student ghetto. Much animosity has brewed between its residents and the many university students who call Northdale their temporary home.

If the city can’t resolve the appeals on its own, further hearings will be held.
September 22, 2014

[Image: NspOTc3.png]

[Image: 9djdXow.png]
This development now appears to have a website and a name "Phillip Square".

The first building is called "Blair House" and consists of 3 to 5 bedroom unit suites with retail on the first floor and residential on the remaining 17 floors.
Oct 22, 2014

[Image: BdnOLbU.png]

[Image: oB4VFB5.png]
I suppose that residential amenities are going on that second floor.
The first tower has now topped out!
256 Phillip St. in the distance from Laurier.

[Image: alCGdBa.jpg]
None of the problems in Northdale, Beechwood, Lakeshore, Old Albert would have ever happened if the city had rezoned Phillip and Lester Sts. for high raises in 1980. Instead we end up with the same situation but with 35 years of missed opportunities and years of friction with residents in between.

Whatever happened back then happened, but let this be a guide to city council in the future about similar decisions.
[Image: dXfUHMJ.jpg]
[Image: K7f2ehp.jpg]
Is it just the photo, or is that yellow/beige colour on the exterior really awful?
It's really awful. Which is a shame, because they did some things better than the standard student block. Some spandrel use, that wall of windows, the set back.
Looks like it was designed by the same architect who designed that old apartment building at King and Columbia 30 years ago. Great. I thought we could have moved past that slab design by 2015. At least if precast is being used, there are better ways today to make it look somewhat decent (i.e. consolidated court house, possibly Barrel Yards)...

However, on the bright side, I do like the clear glazing window on the second floor. Depending on the finished ground and second floor, it could contribute to urbanizing this section of Philip Street.
May 1, 2015

[Image: pliD2iD.png]
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