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Waterloo Region Subway™ route map
(02-05-2018, 10:47 AM)Elmira Guy Wrote:
(02-05-2018, 07:59 AM)jamincan Wrote: Is it judgey to point out someone's hypocrisy? More times than not, people who scoff that someone clearly has too much time on their hands aren't exactly making good use of their own time.

And which of us here is permitted to make that determination? Clearly not everyone. We don't know what he does in his spare time, so why assume it's something less significant than anyone else.
Besides, why take his original comment so severely? Was he for sure meaning to be derogatory? Assumptions.

I think Canard was pretty clear of the context of his statement. That particularly phrase is well-used, usually in a joking manner, but it carries with it a subtext that the work lacks value and that the creator is directing their attention in a non-productive way. It's a common throw-away comment towards people with hobbies or passion-projects and it's dismissive of their work.

Canard is simply highlighting the inherent hypocrisy in the statement. Very few people are productive all of the time, so why make a value-statement about how they spend that free time as timc did (very likely unintentionally)? The very point of Canard's statement is that there is nothing wrong with eating chips and watching TV in your free time, just like there's nothing wrong with making a Subway™ Map.

Like Pheidippides' pointing out we should not be assigning gender to LRV's, this is something that is an equally hurtful microagression to those with creative hobbies. I have heard this phrase directed at me my entire life because I like to build stuff. It is such a hurtful thing to say.

Thank you Jamincan for explaining this far better than I ever could.
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Wasn't attacking Canard for feeling the way he did/does about what was said. I was simply saying that if one chooses to take the original comment as being disparaging of someone else, so too could Canard's comment be taken in the same way.

Anyway, I wasn't trying to slight anyone. Apologies for bringing it up.

For the record, I think it was cool what that person did with the Subway subway map.
(01-31-2018, 11:26 AM)timio Wrote: Did the Subway at Weber and Fergus close down?  Haven't been that way for a while.

It is closed but It closed very recently, I know it was still Open for most of January.
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