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Edmonton light metro Valley Line
This is a thread for Edmonton's brand new Valley Line.

The new light metro - the Valley Line - in Edmonton, Alberta officially opened today (Saturday November 4th) at 5AM. This line uses the same (albeit larger) Flexity Freedom trains which are used here in Waterloo Region. The line will ultimately have a total of 28 surface and elevated stations, unlike the first two lines which have a few running underground. Currently, 11 stations are in operation. They are running the trains in pairs due to the higher population.

To see some photographs and videos, head over to Twitter and have a look: https://twitter.com/search?q=Valley%20Li...JDs_Q&s=09

One noticable difference with the trains are that they included screens which display information, rather than the dot matrix displays ours have.

They have - at least I believe - the same number of segments that the Toronto vehicles will have.

Also they have ugly line green seats mixed with the blue.

They also built much nicer stations than we did. They have better shelter, more seating, more displays and better signage.
These are the first 7 segment Flexity Freedom units. Line 5 has the same 5 segment units that we have except they will be coupled as either two or three trains.
(11-04-2023, 03:41 PM)neonjoe Wrote: Line 5 has the same 5 segment units that we have except they will be coupled as either two or three trains.

Not exactly the same, as a number of the Line 5 vehicles will be single ended. No need for cabs at both ends when you're always operating in multiple vehicle trains.
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