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Growing Together (City of Kitchener)
The city has now started the last round of consultation on the project with new documents up on the Engage Kitchener website. The new documents really just go into some more detail on the the restrictions of the SGA zones as well as the addition of priority streets.

SGA-1: Max height of 11 meters, everything that is currently permitted in RES-5 is permitted in this as well. For multi residential dwellings of more than 11 units or non residential buildings the minimum FSR is 0.6.

SGA-2: Max height of 8 floors, the 7th and 8th floors must be set back 3 meters from the bottom 6 floors. When it abuts a SGA-1 or RES 1-5 zone it has a max height of 12.5 meters

SGA-3: Max height of 25 floors, minimum FSR of 2.0, minimum podium height of 3 floors, max of 6, minimum ground floor height of 4.5 meters, max height of 12.5 meters next to SGA-1 and RES 1-5. There are physical separation distances between towers in the zoning regulations, from 7-12 floors the minimum is 6 meters, 13-18 the minimum separation is 12 meters, 19-25 separation is 15 meters.

SGA-4: Unlimited height, minimum FSR of 2.0, minimum podium height of 3 floors, max of 6, minimum ground floor height of 4.5 meters, max height of 12.5 meters next to a SGA-1 and RES 1-5 zone. The same separation rules apply as in SGA 3, from 25-36 floors it is 15 meters and anything about 37 floors is 18 meters. There are also limitations on the floor plates in both the SGA-3 and SGA-4 zones. For anything 37+ the maximum floor plate is 850sqm, for anything 19-36 max floor plate of 900sqm, 13-18 floors max floor plate of 1200sqm and 7-12 max of 2000sqm.

They have also introduced the concept of Priority Streets, Victoria, Ottawa, King, sections of Charles, sections of Duke and all of Water, Ontario, Gaukel, Queen, Benton/Frederick between Duke and Charles are all Priority Streets. On these Priority Streets the city is requiring a minimum of 50% of the street line building to contain commercial or community uses. Parking uses may not occupy the street line facade of the first and second floor of the building, further on floors 3-6 of a building (the maximum allowed podium height is 6 floors) structured parking may not take up more than 50% of the facade. Using 417 King St W as an example if these amendments were to pass the podium design would be illegal, likewise same thing at 50 Borden Ave S. Since these are likely to pass before this comes into affect it won't change those buildings but the city is seemingly forcing developers to get rid of hideous parking podiums at least in MTSAs. Further there is no minimum parking in the any SGA zones.

There is also a transition clause written into the bylaw allowing currently approved ZBA/OPA projects to continue even if they are non compliant. However if they are not started within 10 years of the bylaw passing it would then be illegal to build them. Inclusionary zoning will also apply to those projects based on the wording of the transition clause.

There is also a bunch of changes to the wording of existing provisions (45 pages worth) so it is too much to summarize.

I have linked some of the documents below:
Draft Zoning Bylaw
Community Brief
Draft Zoning Map

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