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(04-20-2023, 07:44 PM)dtkvictim Wrote:
Quote:old, unused, and inactive content that is not tied to a user account

If this can be read as "old and unused and inactive", then it might not be too much of a worry yet. As long as threads/pages embedding imgur photos get the occasional request, hopefully that is enough to keep them marked as active and in use.

You're betting big on the folks in charge of controlling costs at this company to have the same definition of "inactive" and "unused".

For example, at Google "inactive" and "unused" is applied to products with less than 100 million users.

I exaggerate slightly, but no jokes, Google's unofficial policy is to not work on projects unless they could potentially 100 million users.

I would certainly suggest that being loaded every month so would easily slip below the "old, unused" boundary. Heck, even the standard and generous 30 day active might not be satisfied by our use here.

You have to remember that even completely dead pages get some traffic from crawlers and bots.

Well you certainly called it. And ahead of schedule.
I guess we shouldn't be all that surprised that it happened
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