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ION - Waterloo Region's Light Rail Transit
(03-29-2023, 04:18 PM)Bob_McBob Wrote: That dusting of snow we just had apparently took out most of the system for an hour, and there's still no service between Mill and Fairway.

There did seem to be a bit of ice accumulation on my bicycle...

We're going to need a LRT system failure counter website to count the number of times this POS falls apart the same way we have one to count the times it gets into accidents. I'm surprised a light breeze doesn't somehow break it.
I saw 2 LRVs stopped in the park: one still next to the platform at Seagram (albeit further down the track than where it normally stops, and another near the bridge. Both were positioned such that crossings stayed activated. Does it never occur to them to put the LRV in “parked” mode and release the crossings? What is wrong with these people?

Then I got down to Erb and Caroline. Behind me the crossing activated but I got all the way down to William St. without seeing the LRV behind me. How long did it stay activated? No idea!

And anyway, since when does a risible amount of ice like we had today have any impact on an LRT system?
The Cameron Heights student who was hit by the LRT seems to be recovering well. WRPS has no update on the investigation.

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