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University of Waterloo Fieldhouse | ??m | 1fl? | Proposed
$15,000,000 Fieldhouse:

The construction of the proposed Field House on the north campus will provide an additional 75,000 square feet of indoor space which can be utilized year round. The main program elements include an indoor playing field which can be sub-divided into distinct activity areas, supporting change rooms, and potentially a running track. The location of the Field House, which would be just north of the varsity playing field, was determined through a recreation facilities master plan developed in 2016 (site plan attached). To facilitate the full build-out contemplated in this master plan, an interim pedestrian connection would be provided between the existing Columbia Icefield building (includes ice rink, gymnasiums, exercise rooms, and change rooms) and the new Field House until such time that the in-fill component can be constructed. Construction would commence in 2017 and be completed in the fall of 2018.


Orchard provided the committee with background information on the project. He noted that the project is being proposed in light of student feedback requesting more student activity space. Orchard noted that the space is being designed with future expansion and development in mind. The committee heard a motion to recommend to the Board of Governors the design and construction of
the $15 million Field House facility to be located north of varsity field and designed by Walter Fedy (Architects). One member expressed concerns over the current infrastructure of the Columbia Icefields, noting that the infrastructure will become more strained with the development of the Field House. In response it was noted that the planning and development of the Field House will take this into account, but this issue may have to be addressed in a separate plan. There have been no specific discussions on this topic, or on future funding. Members were in support of the design plan supporting future growth. Members discussed the funding of operating costs and were told that this funding will be discussed in the future. Collington and Lolas. Carried.

"On the Field House, the budget and design team were approved by the committee last meeting and were subsequently approved by the Board; the project will be tendered this year but an official date has not yet been determined."

"The $15m Field House project will be funded with operating funds and will be financed over 10 years or less (increases the University’s total financing exposure by ~5%)"

"North Campus Field House 15,000 15,000 lump sum TBD 0% Fall 2018 in design"

I would not call the potential possibility to hang three non-regulation lanes from the roof a true indoor track.
Everyone move to the back of the bus and we all get home faster.

Hmmm... interesting? What I would've liked to see redeveloped is the existing parking lot at the corner of Columbia and Hagey Blvd... a good building there would really connect the columbia rec complex to the main campus.
Well, there are parking lots there on both sides of Columbia at the north entrance, so a real connection would need something on the south side as well.
The University is reporting the field house as being under construction. No timeframe for completion is given.

I went round today to have a look. Nothing yet rises above the level of the snow except for the fencing. There's also a contractor-only fenced lot around the north side of CIF, with some contractor type equipment locked up. So, it looks like it is in the earliest stage of construction.

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