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Dim Sum
(07-25-2017, 10:21 AM)Markster Wrote: thinking about it, I think the last time I was at a cart-based Dim sum place was... La Maison Kam Fung in Montreal!

Same here actually.  Another negative: the language barrier. It can be difficult and intimidating to figure out what you want.  A lot of the ladies pushing the carts don't speak English or French.  Sure you can obviously just point at what you want but you can't see inside the dumplings.
(07-25-2017, 10:21 AM)Markster Wrote: Carts have their advantages and disadvantages.

- Getting food quickly
- Seeing your food before you order it
- you don't have to know the names of dishes
- Novelty

- It can take forever for the dish you want to finally make it to you
- If you are at the end of the loop, you might never get the dishes you want
- Pressure from the staff to take less popular dishes you might not actually want

Huh, thinking about it, I think the last time I was at a cart-based Dim sum place was... La Maison Kam Fung in Montreal!

I like the carts, although I don’t think I’ve eaten at a place like that since I was a kid.

About the last point, I have to say that is weird. In a properly-run restaurant, the staff will pressure the kitchen to produce less of the less popular dishes, not the customers to eat them! A restaurant is not home, and the customers are not kids who need to eat their broccoli. Ironically, my kids actually like broccoli.
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