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Spam accounts
(08-29-2018, 11:25 PM)MacBerry Wrote:
(08-06-2018, 08:23 AM)Markster Wrote: Looking at the moderation logs, we've kicked 15 spammers in the past month.

Busy tonight with spammers

I purged three spammers just now. Not sure why they are getting through now. Did we lose some security setting?

Not as far as I know

I was talking with a mod from a different board and it seems like they're like weeds in your lawn, hard to ever get rid of completely.

That being said I'll make sure nothing has changed and see if there's a way of adding some layer of protection
It seems to me when we added that security question, it stopped being a problem for a while. Maybe we just need to change the question every 6 months or so?
The security question currently isn't working and I can't seem to get it fixed
OK, that does explain why the spammers are getting through now.
Over the last week or so @tomh009 has put in a ton of work implementing some new features in hopes of solving some ongoing spam account issues.  So far the results look promising.  

Thanks Tom!
It's a team effort!
Just flagged a dozen spam messages.
That one's totally my fault. I activated the user, thought they were legit. Dumb.
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