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General Arts and Culture News
A Boathouse opening on New Year's Eve would be yet another delay. There were posters put up Downtown last week for a music event on the 17th. Surely there will be a period for a "soft opening" before they open for a big event?

Yes, when I looked for exactly that date I found a concert by Greg Cardiff. You need tickets to get in though.
Details of the new Boathouse Folk Series:

Boathouse to launch new folk series
Waterloo Region Record
By Robert Reid  

Supporters of the Boathouse are anxiously waiting its reopening this month.

The doors of the live music venue and restaurant have been shut for more than a year. Extensive renovations have transformed the Victoria Park landmark.

Acoustic music buffs will be pleased that a series devoted to the genre will be launched Wednesday with a concert by Juno-nominated and favourite son Craig Cardiff.

The series, which will go under the name of Folk, Roots, Brews, is the brainchild of Richard Garvey. The series unfold Wednesdays, with a short hiatus over the holiday season.

Tentative concert schedule

Dec. 17 – Craig Cardiff ($15 advance/$20 at the door)

Jan. 7 – Ambre McLean & Preetam Sengupta

Jan. 14 – Pat Maloney

Jan. 21 – Jojo Worthington

Jan. 28 – open

Feb. 4 – Karyn Ellis & Lynn Jackson

Feb. 11 – Luka/Kaleigh Mason and the Rozell Carraro Outfit
Does anyone know if The Boathouse is still supposed to open tomorrow? I drove by yesterday and there were lots of people about, but it certainly look like it was ready to open.
The Boathouse is looking really great, will be open very soon.

Also, the Downtown theater on Ontario st will be called "The Apollo Cinema."
  edit .
I had been wondering about the cinema on Ontario St. I see that they are opening in "early 2015" and will be showing "contemporary, classic and cult" films. Perfect!
By the way, The Boathouse will not be open for New Years Eve - still waiting for their liquour licence.
(12-31-2014, 10:10 AM)panamaniac Wrote: By the way, The Boathouse will not be open for New Years Eve - still waiting for their liquour licence.

This is ridiculous. Given that it has been a bar for so long and it is owned by experienced bar owners approval should have been a one day affair.
The Princess Twin Cinemas will be showing "The Interview" on January 9th.
For all the hype, a mediocre movie at best.
Best publicity money could buy (and probably did).
The first of 22 statues of Canadian Prime Ministers will be unveiled at a Rangers game at the Kitchener Aud on January 9th. The statue of Sir John A Macdonald will then be moved to the Regional History Museum pending agreement on a permanent home for the statues. January 10th (or 11th) is the bicentenary of Macdonald's birth.

I have to give the proponents of this project credit for persevering in the effort to make this gift to K-W after the embarrassing episode last year when the City Council blew it by rejecting the initial proposal to place the statues in Victoria Park. I wonder if they could be incorporated into the renovations of Waterloo Park that are scheduled to begin this year?
I recall an active discussion about that topic on WW. I also recall a survey of Kitchener residents who clearly indicated they didn't want the statues in the park. I am not sure the council blew it. I
I used to be the mayor of sim city. I know what I am talking about.
Wait this is actually happening???
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