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General Arts and Culture News
The City of Waterloo LUMEN website is here.   The event was very well attended with a range of ages and backgrounds.  Lots of kids.  I'd put attendance on par with a good Busker Festival night, though foot traffic was spread out throughout the Uptown area.  The installations ranged from the easily accessible (voice activated graffiti and other light installations) to the just plain out there.

At about 8:45pm, I overheard a volunteer at the Clay and Glass Museum say that they had had nearly 1000 people walk through their doors since the event began at 6:00pm.

The Museum put up photos from their Pixel Stick exhibit on Facebook here.

Quote:Pixel Stick
Laney McLaneface Lane

Digital meets analog with this LED light-painting. Join THEMUSEUM as we capture images with our Pixelstick.

Searching "Lumen" on Facebook or elsewhere should pull up other publicly available photos and posts  Hopefully there was enough support to carry the Festival into future years.

Really wish this hadn't been the same weekend as Nuit Blanche in Toronto...
(10-01-2018, 04:05 PM)Viewfromthe42 Wrote: Really wish this hadn't been the same weekend as Nuit Blanche in Toronto...

Was that planned I wonder?  To try to sync it up from an arts perspective?  I sure hope not.
Apparently 10,000 people were counted as Lumen participants according to a City source. Let's hope it happens again next year.
That's a great turnout for year one! I see no reason they wouldn't do it again.
AMAL will be playing next Wednesday, Thursday and Friday (2 shows) @ the Studio - Centre in the Square.  It looks like a very powerful play.  So if you're looking for something out of the ordinary this may be for you.

Centre in the Square: https://centreinthesquare.com/event/amal/

The Record: https://www.therecord.com/whatson-story/...-refugees/
Did anyone else get a chance to visit the Night Market in Waterloo Park on Sunday?  There was a good selection of vendors and a massive crowd.  Hopefully we'll see it again soon.

From the website:
Quote:Over the last decade the vicinity of Laurier’s Waterloo campus has changed dramatically. The older family-oriented neighbourhoods have given way to modern mid- and high-rise apartment buildings. While these new developments have provided students greater living options and the convenience of living near campus, our research has shown that students at Laurier are also concerned about the transitory nature of these communities. Without a sense of belonging students express a heightened sense of anonymity, insecurity and boredom.

The launch of the Night Market will be taken on by the Designing a Social Venture class. This class consists of 17 passionate students who will take on the planning, implementation and promotion this project.   Make your donation today and help support this exciting new initiative that aims to bring the community together.
(10-09-2018, 09:53 AM)Spokes Wrote: That's a great turnout for year one!  I see no reason they wouldn't do it again.

At least for me, the reason for going was the opening of the uptown bike lanes.  I suspect they won't have similar justification next year.
Christkindl Market is in full swing. The electric trains are on display.

This train is also on display at City Hall Station.

Next to City Center like that, it looks VERY urban. Love that.
Ever After Music festival wants to add a fourth day:

Meanwhile, I saw in the Record that the Mill Race Festival, in Cambridge, has come to an end after 26 years. That's a shame.
A ‘real gut punch:’ Waterloo’s Original Princess cinema to close


God, this has me so, so bummed out. What a fucking travesty this is.
I hadn't realized it was a tenant of the Heuther. Rather a 'nasty-landlord' move from them, in my opinion.
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