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General Urban Kitchener Updates and Rumours
(08-26-2017, 10:37 PM)Pheidippides Wrote: There's going to be a special Kitchener City council meeting (in-camera) on 28-Aug-2017 "to consider one matter subject (152 Shanley Street) to solicitor-client privilege...Staff will provide an update and seek direction with respect to the property at 152 Shanley Street."

A buyer, at long last?
Still no news on 225 King st W, regarding OHM Development's purchase of the empty lot, first brought to light from this Oct news article.


Really looking forward to seeing something go in there.
Is this where they say "if you listen to neighbours who want to see two families max living on that lot, no one will ever buy it"
"if you want someone to invest in refinishing this old building, they'll need to put either many high end units into it, or expand the floor space to accommodate more units, or both"?
Which neighbours have said they want to see two families max on that lot? Anecdotally as someone in the neighbourhood, there's a general understanding that it will not be single-family homes there, and some density will be what it takes to get that eyesore removed.

Hopefully council and staff really are talking about being proactive, and somehow sending a message to potential buyers that density will be welcomed.
Anecdotally as well, any time I've heard neighbourhood voices speak about that building, in paper directly or from any council discussion, it's been of the mindset that no business be set up there which would cause cars to come and go (isn't that the heritage of that building, however? To be a workplace and have many cars coming and going at start/end of workday? Why do we never talk about preserving *that* kind of heritage?). So I always hear of it in the form of 1) don't put a business there, and 2) don't generate more traffic than the equivalent acreage of single family homes (that lot would take a few homes, were it like its neighbours), and 3) do not allow for any additions to the site which would add square footage, regardless of use.

Issue for that site is that the remediation (of the land) and restoration (of the building) will be so expensive that you could not pay for them with just the current square footage created for average market prices. So if no expansion is allowed, the only way to get someone to develop would be to pay for the remediation/restoration out of city coffers, to give the neighbours what they want (again, based on all I've ever heard from them). I seem to recall there being a proposal at one point to densify that site to be 6, maybe 8 storeys of units, which got some of the most heated opposition.
23 Eby St S is being renovated and converted into a duplex:

19 Wellington N. (behind the Hasty Market and Phat Cat plaza) has been demolished already.
Everyone move to the back of the bus and we all get home faster.
(09-01-2017, 09:24 PM)Pheidippides Wrote: 19 Wellington N. (behind the Hasty Market and Phat Cat plaza) has been demolished already.

I was looking at the GOOGLE street view for 19 Wellington from the link shown and wound up down memory lane.

GOOGLE street view from only May 2015 wow things have changed (stating the obvious)
No LRT tracks, No king Street railway bridge, No finished mini GOOGLE Plex and No SIXO Midtown (just a plaza) and Yes to the old MickieDs 

Looking EAST:

Looking WEST:

'WE ARE OPEN DURING CONSTRUCTION' - Well, until they closed, I guess.
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The houses that were demolished at 43 Wellington St N and 26 Moore Ave were zoned R-5.

The allowed uses for R-5 are:
Coach House Dwelling Unit
Duplex Dwelling
Home Business
Hospice (By-law 2013-124, S.37)
Lodging House
Multiple Dwelling
Private Home Day Care
Residential Care Facility
Semi-Detached Duplex Dwelling legally existing prior to July 31, 2014 (OMB Order PL140037, Bylaw 2013-149 (Amended), S. 6)
Semi-Detached Dwelling
Single Detached Dwelling

Does that mean that an off-street parking lot for a facility that is 150m away is not allowed under the current zoning?

Everyone move to the back of the bus and we all get home faster.
(01-20-2017, 05:57 AM)rangersfan Wrote: After years of contemplating redevelopment Trinity United Church has hired a real estate professional.


According to an article in the Record the church has a conditional buyer.
That was relatively fast, given what the church wants to do with this project (ie incorporate a social housing component and space for the church, as I understand it). Will be interesting to see what the developer comes up with. It's such a prime site!
Similar discussions are progressing at St. Mark's Lutheran at King/Green.
(09-06-2017, 09:56 AM)Coke6pk Wrote: Similar discussions are progressing at St. Mark's Lutheran at King/Green.

Do you have more info on this?
The church's web site has their annual report, which has some info about their contract with a property consultant. Different options for redevelopment been discussed for a few years, but I think more seriously the last year or so.

It's a beautiful church, but also a location with a lot of different possibilities.

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