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Waterloo Corporate Campus
Also keep in mind that the City of Waterloo Station Area planning report by Urban Strategies will be released next month. It will provide with more detailed direction for what needs to happen within this station area...

I went to the new Sobey’s the other day to check it out and see what the plaza is like. In addition to the grocery store being set back behind an enormous parking lot, there’s no sidewalk from Weber to the grocery store. I can’t understand this: they have a driveway, why not put a sidewalk adjacent to it? Is my money no good if I happened not to arrive by car?

Rest of it looks pretty gruesome when viewed from the interior of the plaza, too: huge parking lots are the main feature. Same old suburban plaza; nothing new to see.
I went out here for lunch last week (Freshii - it was not terribly good, and overpriced) and took a few photos of this place as it's started to come together.


And here's a real shameful thing.  A massive retaining wall between the bus stop and a row of (for lease) shops.
We couldn't have a staircase here?

Look at that bus stop!  It's right there!  You instead have to walk down along a long entrance road, around the back of this strip, and then walk back.

And here's a panoramic view from the Freshii "patio"  (click to embiggen)
@Markster. Excellent use of a perfectly cromulent word!
My right-click no longer has "View Image" Huh  Sad
Now I have to say that that patio has a lovely view!  

end sarcasm
Well, that's based on your browser. Firefox does offer that option; on the other hand, IE11 and Edge do not. (Haven't run Chrome recently so not sure of that one.)
Yeah, I'm a Firefoxer. I assumed all browsers have something at least similar.
I've added a link. You should be able to just click it now.

It's served here:
(04-26-2016, 02:09 PM)Markster Wrote: I went out here for lunch last week (Freshii - it was not terribly good, and overpriced) and took a few photos of this place as it's started to come together.

I like the amount of glazing over the usual use of EIFS (stucco) on big box strip malls like this. While the layout of the development and its interaction with Weber Street is not ideal, it is definitely an improvement over the same developer's (stalled) Sportsworld Crossing development. Let's hope they don't have as many problems leasing the space as they have with Sportsworld!
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