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Highway 401 Widening - Highway 8 to Hespeler Road
I've been watching this project inch ahead over the past few months in my travels. You get a pretty good view from the GO bus.

It looks like they're nearing the point where concrete can be poured for the new WB Speed River bridges.

Grading is also underway with most of it looking fairly flat heading up the hill to the highway 8 cutoff.

The culvert for the stream east of the CP line is still a hole in the ground.

Hopefully warmer weather will help things get moving more quickly. The more I travel this stretch, the more annoyed I get at the congestion.
The new WB 401 - WB Hwy 8 ramp looks about ready to be paved too. This is the one thats running on the right side of the columns for the Fountain St bridge
I always have such a hard time imagining 8 as WB. To me, it’s always been North. You go West on 401, then turn 90° right at exit 278. That’s North. Tongue

I will be so happy to not have to deal with that really uneven “kink” transition in that curve once traffic is shifted to the new ramp.
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(09-01-2014, 05:10 PM)Shawn Wrote: Jan 10, 2014
Waterloo Region Record
By Jeff Hicks

LINK to article
WATERLOO REGION — Six lanes will become 10.
"This will be the new look of the widened Highway 401 between Hespeler Road and Highway 8 in about two years. The Ministry of Transportation's target completion date for all that work, which is still in the bidding process, is 2016."
Well here we are and it is April 2018 and I have no understanding or visualization of when the Hespeler - Highway 8 section will be completed even as I drive through from either end.
November 2018?
November 2019?
Does anyone have a confirmed completion date?
The Ontario government seems to have "mission creep" on most projects outside the GTA ... November 2020?

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