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450-460 Weber St. N | Various 1fl to 12fl | Proposed
[Image: ojpedv.jpg]

[Image: 30mob6g.jpg]


New employment land development proposed.  Various buildings.

Quite ambitious. A 12 storey office tower!

Looks like they've got a master plan that includes the building on King St too. There's a hard to read "residential" tower attached to that one.

I like that they actually have sane pedestrian walkways throughout the plan. I could imagine walking to the #7 bus stop along one of those.
Indeed. Even better, parking in the back, which isn't real common in that location.
Ya it looks like they are planning to replace the existing one-level daycare/office building on King St in a future phase with a mixed use highrise.  With this initial 6-story office building the plan is for a daycare on the first floor.  Hence, I would imagine it's the movement of the tenant currently on King to the new building.  Great to see intensification happen in this area finally.
Funny that they're replacing buildings though, there is at least 3 huge empty lots available within a block or two of that location. Still, that's one area that I expect will densify, despite it's lack of proximity to the LRT.

I kind of wonder if one day they might complete the loop by continuing the LRT back down King to Uptown.
Looks promising. Interesting place for that much added density at this time. I wonder what the time frame is for full build out?

The render seems to take some liberties with the width of the boulevard or road width. Maybe they foresee a much needed road diet for that part of Weber?
Everyone move to the back of the bus and we all get home faster.
The initial office building render looks excellent!!
(05-17-2017, 03:38 PM)danbrotherston Wrote: Funny that they're replacing buildings though, there is at least 3 huge empty lots available within a block or two of that location.

It's always more attractive to develop land you already own, though.
Is this the site where a grocery store was proposed years ago? I hope local residents won't object as much about this development.
Same area. The parcels of land maybe slightly different, I don't think the King Street parcel was included previously. However with the grocery store, the City was against the development. The City wanted greater density and the neighbours' traffic concerns were highlighted so the proposal was quickly squashed. This has density, is located within walking distance of LRT stops and I assume the City will be in support. Also with the King Street parcel, traffic can now be served by two large streets (King & Weber) for this development.
Something needs to be done about King Street North before anything south of the expressway can be called walking distance to Ion. Yes, that distance can easily be covered on foot, but it's so unpleasant and hazardous-feeling that I bet most people would scarcely consider it.

The on-ramps are another issue, and I know it would be a long process that would be involved in making that aspect friendlier to people on foot. But the fact that the sidewalks on one side are immediately adjacent to traffic, much of which is just getting off of or about to get on a highway, and the fact that there is no shade to speak of at all for several hundred meters, could be remedied relatively quickly.

If I worked at 450 Weber Street North, and King Street North was the way it is, I may well wind up walking a longer distance to the Northfield Station, though that walk wouldn't be very pleasant either.

The way King and Weber Streets North are configured will hold back the Conestoga Mall and Northfield stations' ability to attract dense development (though there's land available for it) hosting people who actually use those stops.
Those who don't want to walk can hop aboard a 7 bus and get a free transfer to Ion...
My Twitter: @KevinLMaps
That's definitely true, but a transfer/connection is a big barrier psychologically to a lot of people. I know many people who, either because they've experienced poor frequency or just irrational preference, won't consider a trip by transit that requires a transfer.
Do you think the entrances line up to the streets on the other side of Weber (Milford and Blythwood)? And is there potential for some kind of pedestrian crossing here?
It's well over a kilometre between crossings (at Albert, and at King) on this stretch of Weber, so I would imagine a crossing somewhere would be necessary for the people who will work here.
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