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The Boardwalk at Ira Needles
Lol, yeah, you're absolutely right. But that's an extreme example. My father, who has no love of walking, insists on driving this:


But it's again because the parking lot is dangerous and hostile to peds, not because humans fundamentally don't want to walk 120 m or that it saves any time. I refused to go with him and I got to the pharmacy before he did.

It is a destination mall for people with cars. According to Google Maps, from my house I can get there by car 14, transit 51, walk 2hr 9 min, bike 43 minutes. Plus in the summer it smells so bad there sometimes that I would not want to be walking around there for too long.
Of course, the upshot of all this is that the place is named BoardWALK.
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(03-09-2019, 11:30 AM)MidTowner Wrote: I can't really see anyone who needs something at, say, Wal Mart, and wanting to stop at the bank, walking between the two. It would feel unsafe and, as noted, there isn't proper wayfinding for that. For sure clients are supposed to drive around. This is a big box development.

Right, in order to walk, you have to go outside. But in order to drive, you have to go outside also. If it was one big building you could park near one destination and just walk down a nice climate-controlled corridor to get to the other destination. Or, go back outside and drive to another door, which might even make sense if your two destinations were at opposite ends of the building.

The design sucks for drivers just as much as it does for hypothetical pedestrians. This isn’t really a matter of catering to drivers vs. pedestrians; it’s just poor design for everybody.
I've taken my kid in the stroller and walked from Dollarama to Walmart and various points in between. But loading a kid into a car isn't worth it for a multi-stop trip when the destinations are so close.

Also, it's not very helpful when the "boardwalk" portions of the sidewalk are closed for the winter.
(03-09-2019, 10:53 AM)danbrotherston Wrote:
(03-09-2019, 10:35 AM)Spokes Wrote: Because people drive from one store to another Wink

Joke all you want, but its actually difficult to go from one store to another, the store names are not visible from the sidewalk.  I actually had to walk to my car just to see where the next store I was going to was.  Driving from one store to another is the intended behaviour.

Oh no joking .  It's a car dominant development and regardless of what the developer might say that was always the plan
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