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64 Margaret Ave and 217 to 229 Victoria St N
(11-17-2017, 07:17 AM)MidTowner Wrote:
(11-16-2017, 11:48 AM)Viewfromthe42 Wrote: I have no patience for this idea that heritage must be preserved in all ways at all costs from all change.

Nobody seriously has that idea.

In the article there we were reminded that not only do heritage districts - which comprise 1/3 of downtown Kitchener - have height and style guidelines, but that they even extend into all properties abutting the heritage zone. I'd say my assertion still stands pretty close to as-made. When we see a development jump deep into one of these zones, ones that resemble the apartments across from the library, or some mid-rise modern structure befitting the core of our tech hub, I'll gladly take it. If it should ever happen.

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