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64 Margaret Ave and 217 to 229 Victoria St N
Developer: Vive Development
Address : 64 Margaret Ave and 217 to 229 Victoria St. N.
Project: six story apartment facing Victoria St and two and half story apartment facing Margaret Ave

News article from The Record.

Renders and detailed project information available in the heritage impact assessment :
This development was originally posted user white_brain.
Interesting that the six storey structure (facing Victoria St) will be wood.

It's surprising to see how they're trying to almost replicate the look of the old Breithaupt home. Quite unusual.

I see that the driveway to the complex would give onto Margaret - I couldn't see car access to/from Victoria for a building that size, so this makes sense.
What will be important to note is that for all the efforts to make the Margaret building heritage quality, we're effectively saying that it has to be 60% smaller than it's neighbour for the sake of heritage. As well, I'm expecting that it's no coincidence that the 18-unit heritage-styled building requires an additional 94 (likely to be far less special and unstyled) unit building to subsidize the costs.
Interesting proposal.

Makes me think back to the other Margaret St proposal from a number of years ago. I always have thought that the civic district (is it still branded that?) has a lot of untapped potential.
Interesting to note that Stephen Litt is behind this project under another development company.
(04-06-2017, 08:34 PM)rangersfan Wrote: Interesting to note that Stephen Litt is behind this project under another development company.

He seems to have his hands in quite a few cookie jars

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