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Charlie West (Charles & Gaukel Redevelopment) | 25 fl | Proposed
The definition of a "good board" varies a lot when you are living there vs renting it out. When you live there, you care about whether the lot has needles hidden in feet-high weeds, whether doors don't close or lock and homeless people sleep in the building. When you rent our your place, you care about how cheap your fixed costs (condo fees) are, and that you are able to attract and maintain the rent-paying tenant you desire. These two things don't always align, as I've very easily experienced.
Maybe not exactly, but they are not opposing goals, either. Owners also care about condo fees, and tenants also prefer a well-maintained building. A well-run building should be able to satisfy both, for the most part.
Total unit count is 245 and apparently they've held back two podium floors and two full tower floors probably for an event happening in July.

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