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Abe Erb Brewery/Restaurant
Abe Erb Brewery/Restaurant
17 King St S, Waterloo 

Opening October 2014

Facebook page

[Image: photo2_zpsc44039b2.jpg]
I used to be the mayor of sim city. I know what I am talking about.
Has this place opened yet?
(10-16-2014, 08:12 PM)panamaniac Wrote: Has this place opened yet?

I walked by there today, they seem to be progressing, but not open yet. Looks like it might be neat looking on the inside with the beer vat(?) things.
Appropriately named for the teetotal founder of Waterloo. If you hear comments about a ghost on site, it may just be Abraham haunting the place.
I was walking by on the other side of the street last night, and this pub now appears to be open.

From what I can tell it was jam packed, and the environment inside looks pretty interesting. I'll be sure to pop by for a pint this weekend and provide further details.
Stopped by for opening on Sunday, had the first breakfast (eggs, bacon, toast, home fries, fruit garnish). The home fries were delicious, nothing was overly greasy as at some breakfast joints, was a nice start to the day. Couple beside me had a salmon eggs benedict, looked (and according to them, tasted) delicious. The other had the waffles, which were similarly praised. Interesting to me, they had their coffee at a self-serve station by the bar. Built into the breakfast price, no doubt, but I actually liked it that way. If you had a large group of friends at the back, it might be tough, maybe they'd do well to have platters that one person could use to get everyone's order (though sugar/cream/milk/etc are all at the station), and a server pick up and return.

Also did a flight of their brews, four, and was an interesting experience to match with breakfast. Their cider is very low alcoholic content, tastes like apple juice. Their [german lager?] was simple, refreshing. The wheat choice definitely had a strong citrus note. The IPA had a full, single hoppy note to it. Nothing yet that makes me want a growler, but nothing that makes me want to warn anyone from the menu. As a first batch, first recipe to be released from the joint, I'll reserve judgement.

Sunday it was packed, every seat full but somehow fortunately little waiting. Had a guy playing endless songs on his guitar, doubtful that'll be a regular brunch fixture. Owner came by, one of them, chatted him up about the Cora's experience, franchise influence, and hopes for Abe Erb. Hope to be back to try the dinner menu, as it looked amazing.
My wife and I stopped by on Friday the first week it was opened. Very crowded and hopping. They were out of their own brews and a few of the others on their menu. Interesting setup, with long tables, almost mess hall style. I like the focus on local craft brews and the four beer flights are a great deal and a great way to sample the product. We will be back.
I went on Monday, and came away quite impressed. Like schooner77 said, they were out of their beer. (will have more Dec 1, 8, 12). But I guess that just speaks to how popular they've been. But even missing out on those, they have a great craft beer selection.

Had the Abe Burger and it was fantastic.

My only criticism is the seating. If sitting at the big long "mess hall" type tables it would be expected to have others right beside you. Sitting at your own table though, we only had MAYBE 12" between the tables and felt very much like we had no space to ourselves.

Anyways, not a deal breaker, still loved it, will be back again soon.
(11-26-2014, 08:06 AM)Spokes Wrote: will have more Dec 1, 8, 12
Good. I'd planned on going on the 2nd or 3rd.

Quote:My only criticism is the seating.  If sitting at the big long "mess hall" type tables it would be expected to have others right beside you.  Sitting at your own table though, we only had MAYBE 12" between the tables and felt very much like we had no space to ourselves.
It's customary in most German et al restaurants to seat more than one party at the same table, especially when busy. This especially true in beer halls with long "mess hall" type tables. No one goes to such establishments for "intimacy." If that's the atmosphere Abe is trying to create then caveat potator.

But your comment reminds me of the days of smoking and non-smoking sections in restaurants. We'd ask for non-smoking and get a table 12" from the first table in the smoking section  Angry
(11-26-2014, 10:42 AM)ookpik Wrote: If that's the atmosphere Abe is trying to create then potator biber.

You're going to have to help us out on that one. Google tells me that I probably meant to search for "Potato Bieber".
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