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ION Phase 2 - Cambridge's Light Rail Transit
Wasn't there supposed to be a third public information centre sometime this fall? Does anyone know if this is still planned or if it has been postponed?
Next round of public consultations scheduled for Stage 2 ION

announced today
Public Infosession 3 information is up!


Info Package:
Presentation boards:

Lots of juicy juicy pictures and maps in there.
That's... that's a lot of Preston options. Wow.
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I do like the idea of using the railway line to bypass the uphill part of Eagle, though fitting it past the old Geoffrey Patterson/Aclo building will require a single-track bottleneck. I'm not sure why using that would require all that much railway company approval; the tracks are gone. If they're not using it, it shouldn't be too hard for LRT to use it from the railway's perspective.

The doubling back section at the 401 interchange is...odd. It's a shame they can't turn it at Sportsworld/Maple Grove and have it hug the railway line till Riverside Park. Having the LRT stop so far away from the Sportsworld bus stop seems like a missed connection opportunity.

If these are the only options, I'd have to go with M-M2-H-R-(Eagle)-V-Y, preferably with a stop at Eagle/Speedsville/Concession. That's a big stretch without a stop in an area with an existing population (and with generous density potential).
Me Like:

WHAT?  We are going with streetcars now?

Looks expensive, but that section is going to cost a fortune anyway.
Mixed-traffic is only floated for Eagle South, as in south of King Street. It's a narrow residential street there.

One of the resons I think it should run elsewhere. I like Q-G-R.
My Twitter: @KevinLMaps
Apart from the fact that the City of Cambridge has identified Hespeler Road as an intensification corridor, and council approved a route with a station at Eagle and Preston back in 2011, what exactly makes a station at Eagle/Pinebush so special to keep? The cost of the required grade separation at Eagle Street hasn't gone away. It's really odd that more-direct "indirect" routes such as Bishop or Coronation can't be considered in light of this.
King-Coronation is a nonstarter. If you think the backlash was ugly for the routing through Eagle South, just wait till you try to run it through downtown Preston. Running on Bishop would cut off a good part of the Hespeler Road area from the route; you'd cross the road from untouched strip malls to condos.

With the river so close, a grade separation on Eagle is going to be a challenge. Wouldn't surprise me if they end up having to make it a level crossing and restricting CP operating hours to nighttime. Ditto the Q section parallel to Chopin; that's a tight space.
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