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Winter Walking and Cycling
Since it's that time of the year, a thread for winter cycling and walking issues.

Lets start with a stupid ridiculous hole in the trail network:


As you can see, the Hillside trail goes all the way ALMOST to Marsland.  When there is no snow, I bike around the closed Hillside park and through the parking lot.  However, the end of that trail, right now, is a locked gate.  The parking lot I normally bike through (mind you, not the parking lot for the park, which is plowed) has 30 cms of snow on it right now.

Literally, it is the stupidest use of resources one might imagine, plowing the entire route then closing it in behind a locked gate.
Is there a phone number to call? Has this happened in previous years?
(12-13-2016, 12:30 PM)nms Wrote: Is there a phone number to call? Has this happened in previous years?

Sadly, Waterloo doesn't seem to have a single point of contact as Kitchener does.  I started by calling bylaw, they suggested I call the Parks Department, and I got a hold of a person there who indicated that their plowing route had been closed by security guards who have been informed not to close this route.  Apparently it should be corrected now.
Also in the news, apparently Kitchener has decided it will actually maintain the Spur Line Trail this year.  I wasn't aware that was even a possibility that wouldn't happen.  Ahh politics.

Helpful References I Might Need Later:

In Waterloo, "residents and businesses have 24 hours from the stop of snowfall to clear their sidewalks". It is unclear if you can complain about a sidewalk that hasn't been shovelled since 24 hours after [i]any[i] snowfall ends or if you have to wait for a 24 hour-wide break in precipitation to complain. I'm treating it as the former. (ref. http://www.waterloo.ca/en/living/sidewalkclearing.asp)

To report a segment of Region-owned sidewalk/trail as not being cleared: call 519-886-2310 (7:00am-4:30pm, Mon-Fri) or on Twitter @citywaterloo (I think this is 0830-1630, M-F)
To report privately-owned sidewalk that hasn't been cleared: email snowandice@waterloo.ca or call 519-747-6280

Reports of non-cleared sidewalks "should not be made until 24 hours has passed from the end of the snowfall." (ref. https://www.kitchener.ca/en/livinginkitc...earing.asp)

Call 519-741-2345 (which is the normal City of Kitchener phone number)

The City of Cambridge "Snow Clearing By-law requires all property owners to clear the snow from the sidewalks bordering their property within 36 hours after a snowfall." The map shows streets for which the City takes responsibility. Their website of information is very thorough. (ref. http://www.cambridge.ca/en/learn-about/W...owing.aspx )

You can report issues of city-responsible sidewalks not being cleared by calling the Community Services department at (519) 740-4681 or reporting it online.
You can report issues of privately-owned sidewalks not being cleared of snow and ice by calling (519) 621-0740 ext. 7907


Please join me in complaining about every segment of city- or privately-owned walkway that goes unshovelled. If cities in the region are going to treat "Number of Complaints" as a key metric for how bad of a time pedestrians are having in Winter, then we should give them the best count we can.

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