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The Gaslight District | HIP Developments
Have you actually been to this site, walked through the buildings and around the property? These buildings are amazing and would be a great contrast and compliment new buildings. Take a visit to the distillery district in Toronto to see what is possible.
(01-29-2017, 10:42 AM)creative Wrote: Have you actually been to this site, walked through the buildings and around the property? These buildings are amazing and would be a great contrast and compliment new buildings. Take a visit to the distillery district in Toronto to see what is possible.

I go every once in a while to the antique/consignment shop. It's old, cold, drafty, nothing special.
I am a big fan of the buildings in their current form but also believe that they could contribute to creating a unique mixed use development.
Was just at The Patch on the next block over from these, and they're shutting down / moving over to Main St. Asked one of the employees about it, apparently the entire building / block that The Patch is on was bought in addition to the Southworks buildings! But I don't remember seeing anything about the inclusion of those properties in the Gaslight development? Future development? Wonder if there's still talk of a branch of Google moving in there...
Electrical utility will call Gaslight District home

Quote:The head office of Energy+, the hydro utility serving customers in Cambridge, North Dumfries and Brant County, will move into the mixed-use development that's planned for the historic Southworks and Tiger Brand properties in Galt in early 2020.


More than 70 Energy+ employees — office and administration staff consolidated from Bishop Street and Thompson Drive — are expected to move there in early 2020. The Bishop Street property will be retained for operations and engineering staff; that site also houses a garage and inventory storage. There's also a second operations centre in Paris. Energy+ employs 140 people in total.


With more than $100 million in investment expected to bring it to life, the Gaslight District will blend old and new, with plans calling for two residential towers rising above a public square lined with restaurants, shops and cultural amenities.

The former Tiger Brand property will house Grand Innovations, a tech hub that will partner with Conestoga College on applied research in such areas as e-waste recycling and cybersecurity. The Grand Innovations space is expected to be ready early next year.

Elsewhere, site work is expected to begin later this year with full-scale construction anticipated to begin next spring, Doherty said.
Wait, did we jump from "this development will destroy Galt" to it happening?
It sounds like the antique market has a backup plan; they had signs posted last time I was there to that effect. Either they aren't moving like the rest of the outlets or they have a new location planned already.
Is the treed area next to their current location undevelopable?
I was at Southworks this weekend. They are moving across the river to Water Street in June. Not sure of the exact address. I also did not ask about the fate of their existing building.
Not too many options. Maybe the Carnegie Library or Ray Electric, unless Food Basics is moving.
A heritage impact assessment says the project's towers will not negatively impact the site's heritage value.

Cambridge councillors approve Gaslight District proposal

Great to see this approved.

Adding the render here.

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Not entirely thrilled about taking out so much of the front building. Is there a structural issue, or are they doing it just because they can?

I can't tell from the proposal; is the partly demolished building in the middle being repurposed or are they clearing it out?
The Record's information page about this development. 


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