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Sage 9 Condos | 6 fl | U/C
Developer: IN8 Developments Inc.
6-storey | 161 units | 166 bedrooms


The project is located at 116-118 Hickory Street and 308-314 Lester Street and will comprise of 1 and 2 bedroom units. 

Looks like a decent building. Should have a good street presence. It's a shame all the parking is on the surface, but I guess it's not worth burying of they can meet the landscaping requirements with the roof.

Have condo corps been formed for any of the Sage "Condos"?
The parking isn't quite on the surface, right? From what I could tell, it looked like it was on the ground floor of the building.
(11-01-2016, 08:02 AM)jwilliamson Wrote: It's a shame all the parking is on the surface, but I guess it's not worth burying of they can meet the landscaping requirements with the roof.

You can meet landscaping requirements with roof gardens? If so, that doesn't seem quite right to me- that "green space" is barely visible to the public, so it doesn't seem of the same benefit as traditional landscaping. And, even if there's some rain capture, that would increase the non-permeable cover of the lot.
Quote:The site will also feature 1,321 square metres of landscaped open space, which represents landscaped open space coverage of 36%. This area includes a large landscaped area on the eastern portion of the site, as well as a rooftop patio area with over 438 square metres of space.

If the roof isn't included, they would be below 30%.
Landscaping requirements are weird. I've been in neighbourhoods like UpTown North where they'll complain about the thought of half the landscaping being on a roof and only half at ground level, meanwhile their home hasn't anything but some grass on the front lawn, with all their gardens and trees in the backyard, far less publicly enjoyable than what a development proposed.
Street level landscaping also leaves space for trees to shade the sidewalk. Putting a building too close to the road eliminates that possibility. Even if a front yard only has grass, it is still an area of green space that a pedestrian/cyclist/passerby can enjoy instead of a wall.

What has Sage's luck been like to fill the ground floor retail in its other developments? Anything beyond eateries?
I thought this was another Waterloo Sage building, but it looks like IN8 is taking the brand on the road to Kingston:
Everyone move to the back of the bus and we all get home faster.
They've clearly established a brand and a business model that works, why not give it a shot?
It wasn't without controversy...

This one is still an unremarkable (but huge) hole in the ground.
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