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Downtown outdoor spaces
One thing I enjoy about Downtown is the large number of parkettes and assorted public and private places to have a seat and relax. Some, like Speakers Corner and the Cenotaph Square, are favoured by Downtown's more "colourful" residents. Others, like Vogelsang Green, have evolved into pleasant, well-used public spaces. Many others, however, seem little known and seldom used. This thread is a spot to place photos of your favourite spots Downtown to stop and smell the roses.

In the category of little known spaces, I would include the small cloister and garden behind St Andrew's Presbyterian Church at Queen and Weber Sts (I was so focussed on the flowers, I barely included the benches under the arches in this photo):

[Image: 2qvbkt5.jpg]

The contemplation garden at St John the Evangelist at Water and Duke Sts is sunny, attractive... and almost never used. Maybe it's the uncomfortable looking benches?

[Image: oavrl2.jpg]
From the religious to the secular - the small plaza behind City Hall offers art, history, architecture, and shade, plus a good spot to watch the construction work on the City Centre condo tower.

[Image: 24b92qa.jpg]

[Image: spkcwl.jpg]
This is one of my favourites. A great mix of old and new.
Market Green at the corner of Duke and Scott Sts is a green oasis.

[Image: 25q8zgk.jpg]

[Image: 2epk0pk.jpg]
Take a seat on the wild side at Region of Waterloo HQ.

[Image: am5n8.jpg]

[Image: 2whggfo.jpg]
panamaniac Wrote:Market Green at the corner of Duke and Scott Sts is a green oasis.

[Image: 25q8zgk.jpg]

[Image: 2epk0pk.jpg]

I personally love this one. With that in mind, I definitely think that we can do a better job of making the market district a destination.
double post
double post
panamaniac Wrote:I agree. It is too bad that the Market Village didn't thrive as a commercial area, although it's better than nothing that some of the houses have been renovated recently for residential use. I think the Market Lane itself would be a good place for an arts and crafts or flea market on Saturdays in the good weather. Or maybe something different, like a monthly used book market.

[Image: 2eknam1.jpg]
Today's offering - the new courtyard at the Kitchener Central Library.

[Image: 2vmxa94.jpg]

[Image: 11t50g1.jpg]
Very nice! Is that along the side or behind it? Or both?
The courtyard is on the west side of the library, behind the entrance to the underground parking and between the library and the old gaol yard. The area behind the library has unfortunately been left as parking for the police station.
Although it's very small, the walled garden in the old gaol yard between the Governor's Mansion and the Kitchener Central Library is beautiful. The high stone walls give it a very "old world" feel. Maybe Lens could figure out some clever way to show the whole spot in one photo, but here's a couple of mine that give some idea.

[Image: 2hxyheh.jpg]

[Image: 33trp02.jpg]
I had some of my wedding photos taken there. Amazing!
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