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General Urban Cambridge Updates and Rumours
It's going to be a tough call - especially with the LRT decision a factor. Having less millpond to work with would make it a lot easier to fit the right of way in.
With the way that decision-making seems to happen in Cambridge, I guess we'll wait to see what happens after the dam fails.
If CP decides to send their Toyota traffic through Kitchener and GEXR instead of rebuilding the bridge they won't have to worry about the crossing on Eagle!
The former Geo. Pattison/Aclo Compounding building on Eagle near the CP crossing has been sold. Anyone heard any chatter about whether it's going to be staying as-is or getting a few add-ons?
Now I know what's going on with the former Right House/Big V in Galt - an ad agency's moving into it from Preston.

Milestone Integrated Marketing is moving into 60 Main St.


From the article:
The two-storey building, the former home of department stores Briscoe's and the Right House, offers 18,000 square feet of space. Polyak says Milestone will occupy the second floor and possibly part of the first, with the rest of the ground floor available for retail tenants.

60 Main street view

Edited: that will teach me to leave a post drafted for a couple hours and forget to publish it... DHL for the win.

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