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Ottawa LRT
Hard to believe there isn't athread for Ottawa's LRT yet.

Anyway, they got $1 billion from the province today for their phase two.
Everyone move to the back of the bus and we all get home faster.
Since this isn't in the GTA and on a system that hasn't been completed maybe there's hope for our phase two getting funding in the nearer term.
I think it would lower the chances for our project to get funding because the outside the GTHA pool of money just got that much smaller.
Everyone move to the back of the bus and we all get home faster.
But on the other hand, isn't it setting a precedent?
There was some comment on the radio about next year there being $46Bn in infrastructure spending still to be allocated, so I'm not too worried. I thought all the Stage 2 recommendations were supposed to be finished up by Spring 2016 though, with a funding request being submitted Fall 2016.

To me, it does seem a little "out of the blue" since Stage 1 in Ottawa is still a few years away from opening, but then again, I haven't been following their project anywhere near as closely as our own. Perhaps they already had their Stage 2 "shovel ready" and just needed the cash. Good on them, it's going to be a solid system (and a beautiful one, at that, with lots of flashy stations).
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I gather their Stage 2 is much more 'shovel ready' than ours. They recently sorted out how a sticky part of the alignment will work along the riverside parkway (a tunnel box will be installed for the trains, and the road will ride atop that), so things look to be in good shape.
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I think Ottawa is hoping that construction on Stage 2 will begin immediately after Stage 1 opens (or maybe even before?)
Ottawa was doing Stage 2 consultations immediately after locking down Stage 1. There's been a strong political pressure to get to Stage 2 ASAP, because Stage 1 clearly favours the east side, and Stage 2 will finally give the west end something.

They're about 2 years ahead of us on Stage 2.
Yes, Stage 1 was the easier one because it was a straightforward adaptation of the existing busway in the area east of downtown. There is something of a busway to the west as well, but then it transitions to the river parkway where trains would be obtrusive, so that took a bit more time to plan out in full.
My Twitter: @KevinLMaps
Ottawa has unveiled changes to it's transit system's bus routes and fares upon start of its LRT service in 2018. For those familiar with Ottawa's bus transitway and it's infamous bus jams across the the downtown this fact should astound you: the number of buses will drop by 90% on the main east/west corridors through downtown.

Which got me to thinking that the annual GRT service improvement plan for the fall seems late this year. It usually comes out between April and May for the coming September, but is not out yet. I suspect we will see it this Friday because there are only two committee meetings left before September and an August roll out and consultation seems too late.
Everyone move to the back of the bus and we all get home faster.
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