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Montreal Light Automated Metro
(07-31-2016, 09:39 AM)plam Wrote:
(07-30-2016, 06:18 PM)KevinL Wrote: A very critical piece of the proposal as a whole, in the Gazette. I think they sell the planners a bit short on some things, but much of it deserves consideration.

The blue line Metro extension has been something that's been needed for a long time, in particular. It would probably be a better use of taxpayer dollars than this project. Somehow that line just stopped one station short of where it could attract a large pool of riders at Pie-IX (which used to have a sort of BRT until someone got run over by a bus.)

One difference is that the blue line would need to be 100% taxpayer-funded, whereas this proposal has substantial private funding.  Net cost to Quebec government would probably be roughly similar for the two projects (latest estimates are around $3B for the blue line extension).  I'm not in a position to judge which one would provide more benefits to the public, though.

Federal government will invest $1.28B in Montreal light-rail train line
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