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Paramount Fine Foods coming to the University of Waterloo
I have seen posters around campus, particularly in SCH. Also, you can go to their website under 'locations', Waterloo University says 'coming soon'.

I have no idea where it'll be located though. The most logical place would be in the new SLC expansion?

If it's coming "soon", then the SLC expansion is not it. That's at least 2 years away, I'd say.

Possibly it's just in the plaza, but they're advertising on campus?
(04-07-2016, 04:30 PM)Markster Wrote: If it's coming "soon", then the SLC expansion is not it.  That's at least 2 years away, I'd say.

Possibly it's just in the plaza, but they're advertising on campus?

Yeah you may be right. Not sure where they'll end up opening. And yes, I saw papers in SCH today.
A little googling found this:


Quote:South Side Marketplace will be opening in Spring 2016, to feature a new, expanded offering for customers at the south end of campus. The eatery, which is attached to new Velocity Start will have extended hours from the previous Festival Fare.

South Side Marketplace will include many different meal and snack options.

If you don't know what Velocity Start is, like me, it will be located at South Campus Hall.

It looks like this will be completely replacing the second floor food services venue that also included three dining rooms in South Campus Hall.  I'm surprised that they are putting Velocity Start there since I understood that South Campus Hall had been identified for a near-to-medium term demolition and rebuild as part of the updated Campus Master Plan circa 2009.
Quote:It is recommended that no further renovations be carried out on South Campus Hall (SCH). A replacement student centre should be constructed immediately west of SCH prior to its removal (2009 Campus Master Plan, page 136).
The 2009 master plan... says a lot of things.
Not surprised that element of the plan is delayed - it's tricky to justify a full rebuild/relocation of a building that is reasonably doing its job from a budgetary perspective.
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Except it makes for the worst entrance to any campus anywhere ever.
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