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The Cortes on King | 6 fl | Complete
The Record's reports refer to this as "apartments", which seems to mean rentals nowadays.
I am wondering where on King St E. their planned 9-storey condo is to be located. I hope that we will see a lot more development along King E in a few years time.
Thanks for pointing out that potential project Panamaniac I never noticed that before. I wonder to where it will be located.
May 15, 2015

[Image: if9gB7d.png]

[Image: Hdfirr2.png]
Im anxious to see if this project has the same blue tint that it does in the render, or if it'll be different once completed
CTV reports that a worker was seriously injured in a fall at this construction site this morning.
15 metre fall! The worker is lucky to be alive, many people have died falling less. I hope he recovers completely and CSL upgrades their safety training and supervision training.
Am I the only one who finds this building disappointingly short? I can't really explain why since I have no issues with The Red, which is of a similar height
I've lately only been seeing it from the back on Dodd's Lane while waiting for the bus on Union, and actually had a similar thought last week- that I had been mistaken on the height, and that I had expected it to be a bit taller

I think it's because there was some fuss made by neighbours about how "tall" it is. It's six storeys tall, which is a great height for this part of King in my opinion. I think I got to thinking it was taller because I read so many complaints to that effect in the paper.
You are not forgetting anything. For both Cortes and also Red, a great many residents complained about the thought of 6 storeys on King street. Dodgy
For the sake of Midtown's street wall, I'd rather see 2 six story buildings than one 12 story one.

Especially now that we've also got the OK to build six story wood. These shorter buildings have lower total parking requirements as well (Cortes also managed to keep theirs virtually 1:1 even with ground floor commercial). Those two factors should make cheaper construction, and therefore more affordable units possible-- will it be enough to outweigh the lower FSR and the cost of land to make these economical?
(01-12-2016, 11:03 AM)zanate Wrote: For the sake of Midtown's street wall, I'd rather see 2 six story buildings than one 12 story one.

Hear, hear. Red was the perfect scale.
I particularly love this scale along this stretch. Keep em coming
We still need to have balance. If we redeveloped half of all the buildings along King (assuming that not everything will ever truly be replaced) and it was all 6 storeys, it would still not be enough people focused in the core, and we would have difficulty putting more denser-than-average buildings elsewhere in the cities. Will we take it? Of course. But six storeys as the pinnacle of King is not dense enough, nor will accommodating more people who want to live near King be easier if we chew up that land with the lowest worthwhile development height (even if you use wood development, which none of these buildings have, eventually some level of density on the same plot makes up for the cost increase for concrete, let alone when housing the equivalent number of people on six storeys can chew up many times more available King-fronting land).

I'm not saying anyone here is saying that we should aim to be Paris, the endless suburb, but I want to point out that indeed we should not be aiming for that.

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