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Grand River Transit Fantasy
Yeah the King line was the last addition to the map. I really was just trying to figure out a way to incorporate a line down king that was missed by using the rail spur. It goes down king the heads onto the rail spur in uptown. I agree that it is very unrealistic.

The Victoria line I originally thought could run beside the rail line but then thought that Victoria would have more than enough room to accommodate LRT after HWY 7 is complete.
As a Beechwood West resident, hell yeah to ring road!
I'm hoping that once LRT is up and going along Hespeler Road there will be an interest in moving the bus station closer to the 401. Put GRT, Greyhound, Coach Canada, and GO under one roof at Pinebush or Cambridge Centre (assuming there's any Cambridge Centre left after Sears closes).
Is there any reason why GO buses should terminate somewhere near the Kitchener GO trains? If not, I do agree.
GO buses that serve Cambridge hook up with the Milton line; they're already stopping at SmartCentres. One route originates in Galt, I believe. I don't know if most of the ridership is down there or farther along the line; there may be a case for keeping its point of origin in Galt after all.

I'm just thinking that once LRT arrives and routes are reorganized accordingly, it won't be as necessary to keep the terminal in Galt; it would make more sense to put it in the "new town" that should sprout up along Hespeler Road once it goes live.
I'm a big fan of brining the iON out to Ottawa/Lackner! Smile


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