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(Eaton) Lofts at 276
Update on the work taking place, no tenants have been found yet.


Quote:Perimeter does not want to lease the space to startups or tech firms, believing office space on the main floor deadens the street.

Thank GOD this is in the hands of someone competent
Article on the project from the Kitchener Post

I stumbled onto this … I think this is just a render, and not such an accurate one. I don't recall this view from the late 1970s.

[Image: kitchener.jpg]

The image is from www.thedepartmentstoremuseum.org.
That's not Market Square, that's King and Water.
My Twitter: @KevinLMaps
(05-22-2018, 12:08 PM)KevinL Wrote: That's not Market Square, that's King and Water.

So it is! Good catch on that. I better move the post! Smile
From the Kitchener Post article posted in the 345 King St W thread:

Quote:Perimeter is also in the midst of renovating the former Eaton's store at 276 King St. W that will feature a glass façade and up to 20,000 square feet of retail space.

"All the glass is showing up in the next two to three weeks," said Beattie.

"We have some action happening on a little bit of that space right now, and we think once we get it all complete and people see it, we'll have a lot more interest to pick up on.
I had a peek inside the construction tarps the other day while walking by, they have definitely opened up the street facing walls and it will look a lot different than before. Given Perimeter's fine work in the past, I think this one is going to turn out great.
The tarps came down a couple of days ago. There's still quite a bit of work to be done, but the exterior is definitely greatly improved. I like the huge windows.



Very nice!
I hope they can attract a tenant(s).
Would be nice if they would fix up the exterior of the upper floors as well - they look terrible.
Perhaps they should paint it all out dark grey and install glass balconies.
Definitely looks more like a Whole Foods-ish setup. Not much opportunity to subdivide, unless creating an internal walkway with one entrance, ala internal Bauer shops.
I was thinking about how Eaton's Lofts was ahead of the curve in a bunch of ways which surely made things more difficult for them than for the successors. But it does look good now.
Had a peek inside Eaton Lofts main floor. 

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