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Toronto transit projects
I don't see it as disgusting. The business relationship hasn't been working, so they've agreed to a new contract that is more in line with reality. Both sides get something out of it, and maybe it is a path to a better future.
There had to be another shoe drop when the Alstom order was announced - this is it. I can't say I'm too surprised.
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The end result is that the BBD trains will cost about $5M per vehicle, as compared to about $4M originally. Metrolinx is paying Alstom about $8M per vehicle, but I don't know whether that's a valid comparison.
(12-21-2017, 11:25 AM)Canard Wrote: Disgusting.


I recently had a friend at a German startup interview a German Bombardier employee. He effectively described himself as one of the very highly qualified and pleasant rats fleeing the burning, sinking ship, seeing a four person startup as much more appealing, safe, and rewarding than a senior position within Bombardier. Take that for what you will. I just keep imagining this like Leia talking to Tarkin in Star Wars A New Hope: "The more you (the Bombardier family) tighten your grip, the more star systems (business opportunities) will slip through your fingers."
Then again, you hear horror stories from employees at all kinds of companies, including highly-respected ones like Amazon or Google. I would hesitate to draw a direct correlation between an individual employee's experience and the company's future prospects.
Usually about the ship being ruthless or cutthroat, less so about the ship going down in flames. But indeed, just one data point anecdote I thought I'd share.

From Bombardier's perspective, they now get the same money for higher margin services (operating rather than building things), whereas for Toronto, they get something from Bombardier (operating) that's hard to screw up rather than something they neither need as many of nor expect Bombardier to be able to even deliver reliably (LRVs).

Sounds sad, but honestly isn't this a win-win?
Yep, keep in mind there all sorts of sides.

Bombardier Millhaven (Kingston) is a totally different beast from Thunder Bay.  The crown jewel in the chain in North America, for sure.  Until getting thrown into the FLEXITY Fiasco that Metrolinx has absolutely made a mess of, they have never been late on a project.  Ever.  They are the plant that turns shit around. And you're going to see a lot more proof of that in the new year.
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