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Affordable housing (as implemented in Boston)
I remember we were talking about requiring mixed-income in housing a while ago. Looks like Boston requires developers to either provide discounted units or else to contribute to a fund which builds affordable housing. They are also trying to enforce non-segregation of such housing (although that is difficult).

Quote:Walsh’s inclusionary housing policy, unveiled recently, updated a city program that requires builders of most large residential developments either to discount a percentage of their units so low-income families can afford them, or to subsidize affordable housing elsewhere in the city. Building elsewhere in the city often means more bang for the buck, since land and other costs are cheaper outside downtown, but it can also have the drawback of concentrating poverty. Walsh shifted the incentives; downtown developers will now have greater requirements if they elect to “cash out,” or build affordable units off-site.

source: Boston Globe, http://www.bostonglobe.com/opinion/edito...story.html

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