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Waterloo Inn - Sale & (Possible) Redevelopment
Can someone do a calculation of how much can be built within the existing zoning, without asking for variances? Setbacks should not be an issue on a site this big, but the density or parking might be. And if they ask for variances, it's an opportunity to try to influence the direction of the development.

Maybe someone can forward some of these designs to Mr. Drew Lo, let him know a world exists outside of his one design
I keep hearing that the King side is commercial zoning, and the Weber side is light industrial zoning. Maybe this means that *any* residential will require approval, perhaps giving council some leverage? (then again, OMB)

The London site is more what I'd expect to see. It's not a vibrant area, and there's no reputation on the buyer's part for setting the standard, seems more like they'll only be dragged kicking and screaming to the lowest acceptable form of the standard. I would hazard a guess that they will want to make it like London's setup, getting themselves their own traffic signal so that they can funnel surface lots onto 85 for the workday.
Drewlo Holdings is new owner of Waterloo Inn property 
Quote:London-based Drewlo Holdings has purchased the Waterloo Inn property but the company says it has no immediate plans for the site.

Jerry Drennan, Drewlo controller, said in an interview with The Record that the company plans highrise residential with some commercial component, but exact details of the project aren't set.

"It'll be far in the future," he said. "Nothing's imminent with respect to the size and height and all that other stuff.

"We have to work with the city as well."...

Drennan said the company is "assessing all possibilities" for the unique 19-acre site at Weber and King streets.

Whether the hotel will be operated in the meantime is also undecided.

"Really, honestly (I) don't know, don't know," Drennan said. "It's not our forte, it's not our business so we're seeing what's out there … and it may be as a hotel, maybe not.

"We've just purchased it. We have no immediate plans for it. We're just seeing what we can do with it."

It must be nice to have a large wad of spare cash in your back pocket with which to blindly speculate in real estate.
(12-21-2015, 09:35 AM)tomh009 Wrote:
(12-21-2015, 12:06 AM)ibuildstuff Wrote: Word on the street is Drewlo bought it.

Yet more rental units in Waterloo?  Or would Drewlo go out of form and build something different?

P.S. Welcome to WRC, ibuildstuff!

One can only hope right?

Given that all of their buildings are pretty much the same, I can't imagine we'll see something different here.

At least it sounds like there could be some commercial there.
This whole transaction is weird. The hotel closes rather unexpectedly, without having sold the property and Drewlo seems to step in all of a sudden, without a proper plan for development. Sounds like the Waterloo Inn people needed cash pronto and decided to close their hotel on short notice. I also have to suspect that their business had turn south with the opening of the Delta.
With all the indecisive talk in that interview, I wonder just how long they'll let the inn just sit empty before something happens.
Yeah ... it seems they weren't planning on it, but they got an offer they couldn't refuse, and now they need to figure out what to do with it.

The upside of that is that they don't (at least not yet) have a plan of replicating their existing properties on this one.
The Inn of Waterloo open for business

The Inn of Waterloo held its grand opening Friday, showing off a brighter, updated look.

The property formerly known as the Waterloo Inn is under new management and opening its doors as The Inn of Waterloo.

Since taking over the property, the new owners have given the hotel a facelift.  Management partnered with Home Hardware in the endeavor.  Everything from paint, flooring, furniture, bedding and towels was sourced from the St. Jacobs company.  Most common areas of the hotel have been updated and the rooms have been modernized.

All food services are being fulfilled by a catering service so the hotel will have fewer employees. Currently they have 15 people on staff.

Sharon Hales, with ABB Hotel Management Group, says here will be additional positions available in the coming months. “We’ll probably get up to 40 people during our busiest time and we’ll have to do that before September.”

The Waterloo Inn operated at the King Street North location for 43 years.  The hotel with the 19-acre property was sold to London-based Drewlo Holdings in December.  The company said shortly after the purchase that it planned to build a “high-rise residential development” on the site, while maintaining some of the land for commercial uses.
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