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General University Area Updates and Rumours
Turns out that when 2000 people move into the neighbourhood, not only do they want shelter, but also food!
(10-09-2014, 12:23 PM)TMKM94 Wrote:
(10-08-2014, 10:15 AM)curious_look Wrote: When I went past Uni/King the other day it appears Spabar is gone and something else is going in there (putting in new partition walls). Does anyone know what is going into that prime location? I'm hoping it isn't another meh food joint . . 
I saw a sign in the window that says, Coming Soon Fit for Life Sandwich bar. 

Now that the consolidated daycare is open the old daycare behind the UW hockey rink has been torn down, not just the portable classroom portion of the structure but the klemmer farmhouse too.

Anyone know the history of that farmhouse? Not as old as brubacher house I would think.
Everyone move to the back of the bus and we all get home faster.
It's too bad to hear about the farmhouse. It could have been repurposed for something else, possibly even Athletics related (think of the various offices in houses at Laurier). My guess is that the "It's not historic and it's been modified too much" argument was used. That leaves two of the original four (?) houses on campus standing.
Though I never been inside it, I heard it was in really bad state of disrepair. Plus there is no shortage of much nicer hundred year old wooden frame farmhouses around here, so good riddance.
The Joseph Schneider House was in a much worse state of repair and it was returned to a museum quality restoration. Just because something isn't easy to restore to a usable state doesn't mean that it should be knocked down. If we keep knocking down farmhouses (or other buildings), soon we'll have nothing left.
Looks like uWaterloo will be continuing with new building projects (from today's Daily Bulletin)

Quote:The Building & Properties Committee will be asking Board to approve an Engineering 7 project budget of $88 million "where the building will be connected to and integrated with the east façade of the existing Engineering 5". The committee will also be asking Board to approve the awarding of a design/build contract to Melloul-Blamey Construction Inc. for $32,532,000 (plus HST, of course) for a 490-bed residence on the west parking lot of UWP.
More information on the now-approved E7 at uWaterloo (from today's Daily Bulletin)  See link for render.

Quote:Board approves $88M Engineering 7 building

The University of Waterloo’s Board of Governors approved the construction of the $88 million Engineering 7 (E7) building yesterday. The University’s Building and Properties Committee made the proposal for the 230,000-square-foot, seven-storey building to house Waterloo Engineering’s ongoing transformation of how it delivers education to students.
“As the University of Waterloo continues to emerge as one of the world’s top innovation universities, the construction of E7 will enable us to attract even more of the best and brightest students and faculty who will undertake their studies and research here,” said Feridun Hamdullahpur.. “Nearly 8,500 undergraduate engineering students will engage in experiential education opportunities in E7, which will also provide space for faculty and graduate students to engage in a research portfolio of disruptive technologies.”  
E7 will accommodate growth from the recently launched biomedical engineering program and the expansion of the Faculty of Engineering’s highly popular mechatronics engineering program. It will also house the Faculty’s new teaching innovation, the multidisciplinary Engineering Ideas Clinic™, where undergraduate students starting from first year integrate classroom theory with hands-on learning as they design, build, test and refine ideas. The Conrad Business, Entrepreneurship and Technology Centre will relocate to E7, where faculty and mentors will offer a new entrepreneurship option. The building will have dedicated study and social spaces for students, lecture halls and entrepreneurial support areas, along with areas for student teams to prototype their Capstone Design projects.
“With the construction of E7, Waterloo Engineering will graduate even more highly sought-after engineers while catalyzing more innovations, inspiring more entrepreneurs and supporting the next wave of high-impact research,” said Pearl Sullivan. “E7 is not just a building, the entire design will enable engineering to take our unique educational experience to the next level and realize our vision for educating the engineer of the future.”  
E7 will have some of the best research facilities in the world, including an additive manufacturing—or 3D printing—laboratory, and an indoor flight arena for testing autonomous and robotic vehicles.   Many graduate students will likely work to advance technologies including the rapidly progressing Internet of Things, infrastructure and developing wearable biomedical devices to monitor human health. 
An atrium and elevated pedestrian bridges will link E7 to Engineering 5 and 6.  The target start date for construction is next fall.
For those unfamiliar with the plan, E7 will, from the outside, appear to be just an expansion of E5 to the West. There are a few renders floating around the internet.
Has anyone heard any recent updates in regards to 242 King st N? A couple of years ago Jay Taylor of Morty's Pub purchased the location and was planning a new restaurant there.
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