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Guelph Transit
(11-09-2015, 07:53 PM)SammyOES Wrote: Lets take this from a different angle. What is the amount in the budget for building suburban roads?  We don't necessarily care about the cost or the development charges or anything like that.

From just the Region of Waterloo budget, which does not include local roads nor provincial highways: $890m in capital costs for road rehabilitation and expansion in the next 10 years. Of that, $316m is for reconstruction or resurfacing, and $244m is for road widening.

Meh, forget it. I don't think there's much point carrying on this discussion here. I'll let you guys have the last word. Smile

Guelph Transit is proposing a massive service change for September 2017.


You can read the whole plan following the above link, but below are the highlights:
  • 99 Mainline will become the spine of the network, running every 10 minutes all day weekday. It will run from Woodlawn SmartCentre to Gordon/Clair, via Woowich St, Guelph Central Station, Gordon St and University of Guelph. 
  • Existing 2A/B and 3A/B loops will combine to become 17/18 Woodlawn Watson, running every 30 minutes all day and no longer going to Downtown. Passengers will connect with 99 at U of Guelph or SmartCentre.
  • New Downtown Express routes: 40 Scottsdale Express will connect Guelph Central and Stone Rd Mall
  • New 41 Downtown-University Express will connect Guelph Central and U of Guelph, running every 10 minutes peak and every 15 minutes midday, evening and weekends.
  • Realigned service in the University area, with six University Express routes (currently four)
  • Some routes will have weekday peak frequency reduced from every 20 to 30 minutes
Looks like a good step towards having a frequent central corridor and future higher order transit. 12 buses/hour between Guelph Central and U of Guelph is phenomenal, considering the existing frequency is 4 buses running back-to-back every 20 minutes (so that they can all meet at Downtown the exact same time Dodgy ). 

[Image: BOARD-16-FullMap.jpg]
Those look like great changes. The trip I'm most familiar with in Guelph is getting from Kitchener to the offices on Stone via the train station- having one route with ten minute headway would be great. Nice and easy.
(03-21-2017, 05:17 PM)yige_t Wrote:
  • 99 Mainline will become the spine of the network, running every 10 minutes all day weekday. It will run from Woodlawn SmartCentre to Gordon/Clair, via Woowich St, Guelph Central Station, Gordon St and University of Guelph. 
Thanks for the update @yige_t!

This improvement above was loooooooong overdue. Like Waterloo Region, Guelph has a great central transit corridor, running along Woolwich Street and Gordon Street, making it a perfect candidate for more frequent bus service, and quite possibly someday, BRT. Gordon Street is a designated intensification corridor, so it will be the focus of much more infill development in the future.
Schedules have been posted for the September changes and here are more details on new routes:

Route 99 Mainline will run every 10 minutes, Monday to Friday, from 6am to 12am. Weekend service is every 15 minutes from Gordon/Clair to Guelph Central, and every 30 minutes from Guelph Central to SmartCentres.

Route 41 Downtown-University Express will run every 10 minutes peak and every 12~20 minutes off-peak/evenings until 12am. Weekend service is every 15 minutes.

Route 3 Westmount will run every 20 minutes weekday peak and midday, every 30 minutes evenings and weekend.

Route 17/18, which replaces route 2 West Loop and 3 East Loop, will run every 30 minutes at all times.

Route 40 Scottsdale Express will run weekday PM peak only, every 30 minutes.

10-minute service until end of service seems a bit overkill for Guelph and I'd rather see money spent on later Sunday service instead (currently ending at 6pm) - other than that, this is a huge improvement and I'm curious to see the ridership numbers a few years from now.

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