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American Block Redevelopment | 3 fl | Proposed
I don't think anything is anywhere near to happening with that end of the block and I think I'd describe it as more concept than project.  The exterior work on the new east end of the block was completed some time ago, but nothing seems to be happening inside.

Actually ... it looks like there are things happening inside.  MLS has more than a dozen apartments in American Block now listed in the $1500/month range, maybe 600-700 sqft each. 

Quote:Executive rental in downtown Kitchener! Now undergoing renovations. Reserve yours today before it's too late!
There has been no work on this site for something like 6 months.  I think the 'before its too late' is a bit of an exaggeration.

It would be great if this kicked off, but I won't be holding my breath.
Perhaps I've been too pessimistic ...

So Capers would be leaving then, right?

There will still be commercial at street level, so you could cross your fingers that a unit would be reserved for Capers' return. But I wouldn't bet on that.
More info here.  I like the idea of a mid-sized grocery store as part of the redevelopment.  And I'd love to see Vincenzo's open a store there.
(10-04-2017, 02:56 PM)jgsz Wrote: More info here.  I like the idea of a mid-sized grocery store as part of the redevelopment.  And I'd love to see Vincenzo's open a store there.

Vincenzo's would work (but would likely be the death of J&P).  But unfortunately bigger grocers like Loblaws and Sobey's don't see our downtown as being big enough for an urban-format grocery store.
At 7,500 sq ft, I think it would be too small a space for any of the big chain's "urban format" stores. The best, but unlikely, tenant would be J&P itself - I can't help but think they'd do better in a more prominent location. (Just my opinion - I have no idea how they're doing)
So if the building is gutted and has little historical value... why not take it down and start from scratch
The interior and rear have little historical value. The facades are another story.
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Why do grocery store chains not see the option of operating mini-versions of their stores? Here in Switzerland we have Coop and Migros as the major chains, with "Coop-City" or "Migros (mini)" every two blocks in the city centres. Tescos in the UK does the same. It seems crazy that we don't have more mini-urban grocery stores. This corner at King/Queen would be a perfect location!
Tesco is a great example, they have five (!) different variants:
  • Tesco Extra (100,000+ sq ft)
  • Tesco (50,000 sq ft)
  • Tesco Metro (11,000 sq ft)
  • Tesco Express (2,200 sq ft)
  • One Stop (1,000 sq ft)
Loblaws has the Wholesale Club but otherwise they really have not really embraced the different size formats, instead looking at different buyer demographics (Loblaws/Zehrs, ValuMart, No Frills, T&T etc) but in generally the same footprint.
Walmart introduced a smaller format previously in the US, I think they aren't planning on opening anymore of them for what its worth.
For comparison, Farm Boy opened its first "urban format" in Westboro a while back and it is around 17,000 sq ft. They are building a new one in the Rideau Centre that I think will be smaller than that. The American Block offers 7,500 sq ft, if I'm not mistaken.
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