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New infrastructure funding -- in Waterloo Region?
A paramount undertaking, certainly. But Japan and France (and other nations) have done it - they just decided to do it. Someone with vision said "Go".
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(10-20-2015, 01:47 PM)MidTowner Wrote: Their platform specifically called for an additional $20 billion for public transit over ten years. LRT (in Surrey) is an example given there.

This might be an opportunity to have Phase II funded.

My comment here is totally opinion based on no facts, #IMHO:

Phase II expansion? - I don't see Waterloo Region LRT phase II happening or even starting until at least 2020. This will give everyone involved in the policy, planning and operations sides about 2-3 years of user data and uptake data. 

This structural gap will also allow for evaluation of the current LRT installed equipment and also to understand the durability and performance of LRT units purchased (and delivered???)  and how they are actually operating. 

Lastly it will also give the region and the various city economic development arms a better understanding of the land use evolution and the infill that does or does not take place.
Infrastructure funding will also take into account how many Canadians a given new build or upgrade might help. Also, are there areas of the country who haven't received anything yet? My guess is that LRT Phase II will be bumped to the back of the line while other jurisdictions get their first opportunity for infrastructure funding.

That being said, if the increased infrastructure spending means more inter-region railway travel, I look forward to it.
Planning on Ion Phase II is in much more advanced stages (at least we have a route decided) than many transit projects. Jurisdictions who have not received transit funding may not have for a reason. Something that is blue sky thinking without any local champions or strong signals of local support are less likely to be considered if the federal government wants to move money.
These decisions also tend to be inherently political to some extent. All four of the Region's urban ridings flipped from Conservative to Liberal at the election; that will have the government's attention and give opportunities for our new MPs to lobby for this area.
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(10-26-2015, 01:44 PM)nms Wrote: That being said, if the increased infrastructure spending means more inter-region railway travel, I look forward to it.

It appears the Liberals have committed $2B of funding for GO.  Over what timeframe and for what projects is not clear.  But still a good sign.
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