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TD Bank technology innovation centre at Columbia and Weber
TD Bank technology centre to employ 120 in Waterloo 
Quote:TD Bank Group is creating 120 jobs in Waterloo with the opening of a technology innovation centre.

The office, at 55 Columbia St. E., is already up and running, with a few employees on-site since mid-September.

Those numbers are expected to swell dramatically over the next year as the bank draws on local talent, said Jeff Martin, TD's senior vice-president and chief information officer of direct channels.

"We recognize that there's a lot of innovation talent in the area," he said. "We need to be where they are. They're not going to come to us."

Proximity to the region's universities was a factor in opening the facility in Waterloo, Martin said.

Employees at the local office will take on information technology and software engineering roles. The centre will also look at attracting data scientists in the future.

"We're really continuing to expand, especially in the digital space," Martin said.
I drove by this week and saw the big TD logo

Traffic will get even worse there now.... it's already bad during rush hour

I imagine every car coming out of that building (Activa, TD) can only turn RIGHT during rush hours... Smile
Traffic is getting worse in this area. I'm very concerned about the "road diet" they are planning for Lexington and Columbia (think Ira Needles). Bike lanes are needed but they could add them without losing lanes. The left hand turn lane onto Weber from Columbia Westbound needs to be extended. Currently that light backs traffic up to Marsland Drive during rush hour. Intersections along Lexington/Columbia need improvement badly, even if it involves removing some left hand turns for small side streets and/or businesses.

That being said, the TD Bank Technology Innovation Centre is a great addition to the local area. Hopefully that immediate area gets further development happening soon. Ideally, mixed high-density developments that include office, residential and retail space.

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