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Unique Houses of Waterloo Region
Not a unique *house* per se, but wouldn't this be an interesting bit of architecture to see in a city:

An interesting renovation/expansion of a heritage house next to Victoria Park. I assume this passed the city heritage regulations -- unless it was done before those were in place/

Overall, I do think I like it: it's an interesting combination/contrast of heritage and modern design.
The Victoria Park Heritage Conservation District was created in 1996 (PDF) so it's likely that the renovation (as well as some of the ones on Water Street) predate that, if only by a few years.  On a side note, it's interesting to note the list of players who were on the steering committee.
Yes, looks like the expansion was done about five years earlier (the building permit was issued in 1991).
Page 15 (page 26 of the PDF) features the Barra castle. "It is important to preserve the architectural integrity and details of apartment buildings such as this."

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