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Unique Houses of Waterloo Region
I think there's a similar house at the bend where Townline meets Avenue Road in Cambridge. Can't get a decent view of it - too many trees in Street View and too blurry in satellite view.


I didn't notice the abandoned road until you mentioned it. Thanks for pointing it out!
That's some Frank Lloyd Wright-level terracing. Love how it fits the slope of the landscape.

The barn is a bit of a surprise; certainly doesn't fit expectations!
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Yah I got a FLW vibe too.
My husband spotted this house a few weeks ago up for sale:

46 Sylvan Drive, Cambridge

We biked by it while doing the Paris to Cambridge trail on a little detour. It's just out of our price range, but it definitely fit the bill of a "Unique Home", with that primarily hexagonal floorplan!

It's still on mls, so looks like it hasn't sold yet.
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There's another polygonal house on 97 on the way to 6. Hard to see from the 97 side; I had to use a Street View pic from the back.
(07-07-2017, 10:10 PM)JoeKW Wrote: Does anyone know anything about the house on the corner of Trussler and Ottawa?  It wasn't visible to the street until recently when they cut down all the trees.  It looks very interesting but run down.


I finally got a photo of this place

With the radio tower behind it, it almost looks like it could be a villain's house from a James Bond movie.
Looks kind of like the house at the end of North by Northwest.
On Braun St, Kitchener, there is a very unique and very slim profile addition to this home, the Google Streetview shows the addition in progress.

Another unique house is this one on Parkview Cres, Kitchener, most of the houses in the area are fairly common in style but this one stands out.

(06-30-2018, 09:49 PM)rangersfan Wrote: On Braun St, Kitchener, there is a very unique and very slim profile addition to this home, the Google Streetview shows the addition in progress.


Looks good. Thanks for sharing the street view.
I don't know if it's already been mentioned, but there's a nice house at or near 35 Ahrens that replaced a small bungalow. I might try and grab a picture this afternoon when going to the library as it isn't yet on street view. I think it's a great example of how newer modern architecture can complement and enhance an area.
This house on Ahrens street is quite a departure from the surrounding houses. It is next to a row of town homes. Interesting in it's features and very modern. It is not complimentary to the other homes in my opinion.
I agree, while the overall shape may be somewhat traditional, with its finish and windows it doesn't quite fit in.

Back when we had a house, we had a lot of stained wood outside the house. We learned from that experience that stained wood looks beautiful (to us, at least) but requires significant maintenance to stay looking good. And this house has a LOT of wood.

Another note: there is no attached garage, only a detached one in the back yard. I do give bonus points for that, especially with a 4400 sqft house.
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