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246 Albert St. | 12 fl | Complete
Just stumbled into this project at the City of Waterloo website... feel free to remove if there is already a thread for it (I didn't see one so I'm posting it). I think it's pretty decent, and I'm glad that this developer/architect are pushing the boundaries, especially with using colour! thoughts?
I also noticed it's not yet on the ASP website...

12 floors, 6 floor podium
57 units (69 bedrooms)
One bedroom + den & 2 bedroom + den
18 parking spaces
Shared woonerf with 228 Albert
No commercial space proposed...

Urban design brief: http://www.waterloo.ca/en/contentresourc..._brief.pdf

[Image: 3am9saD.png]

[Image: UACbswj.png]
No retail component on Albert St makes me sad. Sad
Though, it does look like the ground floor unit facing those bay windows is probably convertible, like the Northdale guidelines suggest.

Great map on page 13 there laying out all the different Northdale projects.
Good looking project. I really like the fact that they seem to be going in a very non-traditional direction when it comes to design. A positive indeed.
(07-19-2015, 04:14 PM)notmyfriends Wrote: Great map on page 13 there laying out all the different Northdale projects.

Yes, great overview of projects happening in Northdale, I was meaning to post it as well:

[Image: larNz8M.png]
With that much intensification already, there is going to be a need/opportunity for some additional retail and services in Northdale.
Looks like it's made out of random Lego's or something. Brutal.
Updated renderings:

[Image: 246-Albert-South-View_Sept11_2015-940x450.jpg]

[Image: 246-Albert-NorthView_Sept11_2015-940x450.jpg]

Looks like they flipped some of the balcony positions on the front and added more yellow instead of orange. Perhaps less glass too?
Wow... now it just looks like another generic Prica project. Not terrible, but the original renders were slightly better.
Looks pretty close to finish to me...

Yeah, title should be updated to completed.
(10-11-2016, 03:55 PM)Memph Wrote: Yeah, title should be updated to completed.

Not until it opens, otherwise this could mislead a student renting sight-unseen from abroad.
It should at least be changed from 'proposed' I think it's come along way from that. Haha.
(10-12-2016, 08:28 AM)gomesjustin Wrote: It should at least be changed from 'proposed' I think it's come along way from that. Haha.

Another ugly building.
Better than some of the student buildings.

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