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Arrow Lofts phase II | 15 fl | U/C
Just googled Hamburg Hafencity. That place looks so cool - an architect's dream. Affordability though? Average price per square foot, do you know? Do most people own or rent in Germany? J.c.

If some thought is put into it I could totally imagine KW being the next Hamburg Hafencity and a jewel of Canada. Just takes the right guts by the right developer and a council with an open mind.

(01-16-2019, 04:31 PM)kidgibnick Wrote:
(01-16-2019, 10:14 AM)Spokes Wrote: Being Auburn isn't a huge compliment though, they don't have a great track record do they?  They're a step up from Drewlo, but certainly no wow factor.

Auburn - right. And apologies for dating the wrong era; however, I think my concern was understood... dated and cheap looking architectural style. Nowhere close to a wow factor.
The criticism is driven by something I think we can (mostly) all agree on - that we would like our city to approve the best possible developments for the land we have available...because after all, this has an impact on how we interact with it, and the image of our city.
Perhaps this means passing building proposals that (albeit subjective) leverage the value of the land/location; ties the community and surroundings together; consider the building impact on social-engagement; considers community-focused design; meets socio-economic needs; as well as being generally unique/interesting/innovative, built of good quality, and aesthetically pleasing...and the list goes on. However, for most property developers it boils down to unit economics :/

I couldn't agree more.  This isn't 10 years ago when DTK was struggling to get developers to build here.  They WANT to build here now.  So raise the bar.

That being said, if a project meets all zoning guidelines, how could a city reject it based on appearance?  Wouldn't that be something that a developer would take to the LPAT, and win?
(01-16-2019, 11:51 PM)Momo26 Wrote: You raise greater socio economic issues which of course can and should be explored - but this particular project is pitched as luxury and comes with such a price tag. So it shouldn't look like a piece of crap from the outside.

Anyone have the original price list or link for such? I don't even recall when sales were...

We don't know that it will look like a piece of crap. We have seen some early renders but nothing recent. I'll try to see if I can get my hands on a current render.

There is no price list since it will be a rental building.
Recent renders would be great. I didn't even realize it will be built-for-rent! Phase I units are on sale, that one was for individual purchase correct?

What are rents expected to be you reckon?
(Yesterday, 01:20 PM)Momo26 Wrote: Recent renders would be great. I didn't even realize it will be built-for-rent! Phase I units are on sale, that one was for individual purchase correct?

What are rents expected to be you reckon?

The current Arrow Lofts building is condos, yes.

From what I understand, the rents in the new building will likely be similar to those at Barrel Yards.
Barrel Yards: One bed + den units going for around $1695 - 1895 (I do see one which appears a low anomaly at $1545 - maybe it does not include parking or it's sublet (Kijiji) and 2beds, 2 baths in the $2050 - 2295 range. Penthouses are well above $3k/month.

Let's see if the higher end of the spectrum translates to the Arrow Lofts.
I think there's a demand in DTK for higher end rental units, there's not a ton of options
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