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Arrow Lofts phase II | 15 fl | Proposed
(04-06-2017, 04:21 PM)amylu416 Wrote: Spoke to someone about the details whether it would be for rental or purchase and they said no confirmed answer yet but if they were rentals then they would be luxury and modern rentals similar to their rentals at Barrel Yards.

I can confirm that it will be rental units.

And it looks like permit 16-131901 RM has now been issued for the foundation work.
Interesting. They certainly feel after BarrelYards that there's a market. They're probably right.
They also own the 31 Alexandra Ave property in Waterloo.
It looks like they are getting ready: some of the trees bordering the row houses have been cut down to provide room for construction.

Thats a case where it's good to see some trees come down - they were a bit of a mess.

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